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State Department file photo
San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer hosted a Google Hangout to discuss the city's major website overhaul.

San Diego Mayor Starts Process to Have ‘America’s Finest Website’

August 29 California’s second-largest city partners with Code for America for redesign project.

Play of the Day: It's All Obama's Fault

August 29 Stephen Colbert connects the rise of the Islamic State to one person.

Indiana Judge Has Unusual Courthouse Dispute With Mayor

August 28 Kokomo mayor says judge has shown “bizarre behavior over time.”

Play of the Day: ISIL Wants To Be Just Like The United States

August 28 Will the Islamic State just end up with a VA waiting list?

New York City has made a major investment in physical and digital wayfinding.

How New York City Is Becoming Even More Map-Centric With Its Data

August 27 The city’s transportation CTO details how to create valuable tools for the public, put everything on a map and not reinvent the wheel in the process.

Play of the Day: Fox News Has A Beef With How Ferguson Has Been Covered

August 27 A news organization is upset with how other news organizations are covering a national event.

North Carolina Teachers Are 'Easy Pickings' for Texas Recruiters

August 26 Low salaries make Tar Heel State educators vulnerable to poaching.

How Legalized Marijuana Is Also a Long-Term ‘Knowledge Experiment’ in Washington State

August 26 A new Brookings Institution report details the ‘innovative policy framework’ to study Initiative 502’s social impacts.

Buffalo City Hall viewed from street level.

A Sky-High View High Above Buffalo’s City Hall

August 25 Watch this drone survey the imposing 32-story Art Deco municipal building.

Seat Pleasant, Maryland, Mayor Eugene W. Grant

Two Ousted Mayors Aren’t Going Quietly

August 25 One has rebranded himself as the “mobile mayor” while the other files a lawsuit.

Play of the Day: The Problem With Internet Headlines

August 25 Last Week Tonight's John Oliver literally destroys something, instead of using words.

White House Calls James Foley's Murder a 'Terrorist Attack'

August 22 "If you come after Americans, we're going to come after you, wherever you are."

The Denver City-County Building all lit up in a holiday display.

This Isn't Your Average Municipal Complex

August 22 See why Denver's City-County Building is an amazing civic hub.

Play of the Day: Paul Ryan Really Wants To Drive A Bus

August 22 What is the Wisconsin representative's true calling?

Video: Innovation in Government is Not Going to Come From a Guy in a Suit

August 21 The new US Digital Service will fix up government websites.

Play of the Day: The 2016 Contender Everyone Wants To Forget About

August 21 Is Mitt Romney waiting in the wings?

Play of the Day: How Hillary Accidentally Announced Her Bid For President

August 20 Why else would the former Secretary of State visit Iowa?

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer announces his veto earlier this month.

San Diego Minimum-Wage Hike Battle Might Continue for 2 More Years

August 19 The City Council outmaneuvered the mayor but the fight for higher pay might not be over.

Play of the Day: Why Are Chris Christie And Hillary Clinton Celebrating?

August 19 The Tonight Show looks at 2016 contenders.

Video: Is Social Security the Greatest Government Policy of All Time?

August 15 The program is often misunderstood.