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Symantec CEO: Get Commercial Software Off National Security Systems

The anti-virus exec praised U.S. officials who booted Kaspersky off government systems but stopped short of directly criticizing his competitor.

Lockheed Martin Tops Federal IT Rankings

IDC Government's latest report features a lot of the old guard but recent mergers and acquisitions could shake things up.

Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Permanent subcommittee waits to open a subcommittee hearing into on Jan. 10, 2017.

Experts Warn Congress Anti-Sex Trafficking Bill Could Backfire

The well-meaning bill could have several unintended consequences, advocates testified to a Senate panel.

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner

Trump's Tech Team Wants to ‘Wow’ Public

The Office of American Innovation isn't interested in tech for tech's sake. It's to make government more efficient.

Energy Department's Random Number Generator Could Make for Stronger Encryption

Oak Ridge scientists believe they have created a quantum-based device that creates truly random numbers.

What Government Buyers Need to Know About Rugged Devices

There are lots of little nuances that buyers should know when evaluating rugged gear.

The Capitol Hill Building in Washington, D.C.

IT Modernization Bill Clears Senate as Part of Defense Authorization Bill

The OPEN Government Data Act also advances, along with other tech and cyber goodies.

GSA Shakes Up Federal Acquisition Leadership

The acquisition service will have some familiar faces and expects more permanent regional leaders soon.

Equifax Breach Prompts Renewed Calls for National Breach Notification Standard

The proposed national standard would replace a patchwork of 48 state standards for when consumers must be notified about a breach.

Ignore the Haters, Federal Social Media Gurus Say

Humor continues to be a key element of the CIA's social strategy.