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Survey: CIOs Struggle to Measure Success in Dollars and Cents

More than half of the CIOs surveyed -- 63 percent -- said they struggle to calculate the return-on-investment of successful IT projects or to communicate those cost savings to other parts of the agency.

Big Trends in Federal Contracting for 2016

Cybersecurity, big data, industry consolidation and more.

CDC Wants to Know How the Internet of Things Can Make the Workplace Safer

Emergency responders could use sensors to figure out when to evacuate, or when they need personal protective equipment.

IT Pros Less Confident in Standard Security Tools

Some 92 percent of Internet-connected devices are running software “with known vulnerabilities,” according to Cisco’s annual security report.

The fast attack submarine USS Salt Lake City prepares to go alongside USS Frank Cable in Apra Harbor, Guam.

DARPA Seeks Secret Tech for Undersea Communication

The Pentagon’s research agency is holding a proposers' day Jan. 26.

A Google self-driving car goes on a test drive in California in 2014.

The Transportation Department Is Getting Ready for the Driverless Car Era

New policies will make it easier for autonomous cars to hit the road.

Congress Left in the Dark about Government’s Cyber Workforce Shortages

OPM is building a database of cyber jobs in government, but it’s not required to report its progress to Congress.

CIOs: Use the Cloud, or Else?

If you’re responsible for managing your agency’s IT and you haven’t moved applications to the cloud, at least one CIO thinks you should get the ax.

When Are Americans Willing to Share Personal Data? When They Think They're Getting Something in Return

In short, people are making careful risk calculations every time they’re asked to give up personal information, deciding on a case-by-case basis whether the potential tangible benefits make the exchange worth it.