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FCC, Telecom Industry Slam Idea of Government-Built 5G Network

Despite the proposal’s claim of national security concerns, experts—including the administration’s picks on the FCC—came out aggressively against the idea.

5 Tips to Stop Backslide of Women in Government Tech

Five female federal executives offer advice on how women can succeed in public sector IT despite a making up a smaller share of the workforce.

Here's A Way To Boost Congress' Tech Savvy

A think tank wants Congress to bring back a tech research office it scrapped in 1995.

Trump Nominates Federal CIO

The president announced his choice to lead IT policy for the entire federal government.

'Worst Year Ever' For Cyberattacks

And most of them could have been avoided with basic cyber hygiene.

Lawmakers Push Trump Again to Appoint OSTP Director

Four Democratic lawmakers are urging the president—for the second time—to appoint a director to the Office of Science and Technology Policy and fully staff the department.

After Hawaii False Alarm, Lawmakers Want President, Pentagon Involved in Missile Alerts

It should take more than a single employee to send such an alert.

DHS Cyber Info Sharing Tool to Get a Reboot This Year

The goal is for organizations to use the tool to automatically block cyber threats.

Tech Is Central To Pentagon’s Management Reform

The new chief management officer, and his purview over IT, are part of bigger reform efforts at the Defense Department, according to a former official.

A microbiologist works with tubes of bacteria samples in an antimicrobial resistance and characterization lab within the Infectious Disease Laboratory at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

DHS Inoculating Labs Against Hacks That Could Release Dangerous Diseases

The department is developing ways to secure federal research facilities from cyberattacks on their internet-connected controls.