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The Obama Foundation Wants to Make the Internet Less Dysfunctional

It's gathering information on how model citizens should behave online.

Thousands Hit in Tax Preparer Phishing Attacks This Year

There were 177 phishing attacks against tax preparers between January and May of this year.

International Group Aims to Protect the Core of the Public Internet

Its first task will be tackling what infrastructure should be protected from intelligence services and other groups.

Postal Service Busted Up a Billion-Dollar Drug Problem with Data

A scam attempting to fleece the government for millions of dollars was unearthed thanks to data analytics.

FTC Slams Online Loan Company For Hawking Consumer Data

Blue Global Media was slapped with a $104 million settlement, though the company is unable to pay it.

NSA: Help Us Train Next-Gen Cyber Feds

The agency is giving out $5.5 million in grant funds for cyber curriculum.

Government Wants to Detect Bio-engineered Threats

Whether it's a lab goof or by design, the intelligence community wants to spot engineered biological organisms.

First Responders Use Gaming System Behind 'Mortal Kombat' for Disaster Training

DHS is testing out a video game-based active shooter simulation.

NSA Updates List of Tech Ready For Commercialization

The agency's portfolio of technology focuses on challenges in big data, cyber, internet of things and mobility.