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Democrats Press FCC to Unmask Koch-Backed Groups

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats are pushing the KOCH Act to require tougher disclosure rules for political TV ads.

VA Thwarts Over a Billion Cyber Threats -- Just in March

The department will need to scale its cybersecurity to prevent what could be an exponential increase in threats, according to VA CIO Stephen Warren.

House Advances Bill to Limit NSA Spying

Nearly two years after the Snowden revelations began, lawmakers are scrambling to rein in government surveillance—before it’s too late.

Marion Blakey

Departing Aerospace Industries Leader: First-Rate Nations Respect and Support Public Servants

In exit interview, Blakey criticizes congressional gridlock, urges Defense budget compromises.

OMB Unveils FITARA Guidelines For Public Comment

The guidelines, posted on GitHub, are open for comment until May 30.

Getting Tech to ‘Show Up’

Rolling back reforms sure won’t attract innovative players to the government market.

Blackmail Lists? Bribery? Why Background Check Files Keep Getting Hacked

There is a systemic effort underway by China and other adversaries to crib sensitive data on powerful people and covert operators in Washington, intelligence analysts say.

Could Big Data Fix Government’s Cyber Problem?

A majority of federal, local and state cybersecurity professionals polled in a new study believe their organizations are “overwhelmed” by the volume of security data.

Senate and House Bills Would Effectively End NSA Mass Surveillance

The effort would stop the spy agency’s bulk collection of U.S. phone records, the first and one of the most controversial programs exposed by Edward Snowden nearly two years ago.

Survey: Most Americans Just Not That Into Uncle Sam's Digital Services

Less than half of people polled would like the federal government to focus its energy on creating more digital services, according to a new study.