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Did the FBI Pay Hackers to Break Into That iPhone?

The Washington Posts reports that the Israeli security firm Cellebrite didn't break into the phone.

Moving to the Cloud? Change Your Culture First

The biggest barrier to cloud technologies in government has more to do with people than technology, officials say.

White House Is About to Name a New Cyber Official

The administration is considering candidates with previous government experience as well as Washington outsiders.

GSA Quizzes Companies on Cyber Capabilities

The project aims to give federal agencies more insight into the types of tools and technologies currently on the market.

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Navy IT Official: Laws Aren’t Flexible Enough for Emerging Technology

Technology is evolving too rapidly for legal policies to keep up, and it’s hindering the military’s ability to meet its mission, the Navy's deputy CIO says.

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National Weather Service Will Stop Yelling Forecasts At You

The National Weather Service plans to adopt a gentler tone by swapping out its all-caps messages for mixed-case letters.

Professional Go player Lee Sedol, right, watches as Google DeepMind's lead programmer Aja Huang, left, puts the Google's artificial intelligence program, AlphaGo's first stone during the final match of the Google DeepMind Challenge Match.

Artificial Intelligence Flexes its Cognitive Muscle

Could we program a cognitive computer to examine the problem of cancer, or the yearly flu outbreak, balancing the federal budget or just finding a way to reduce traffic congestion around the city?

A 4 by 4 array of IBM TrueNorth chips in an industrial-grade enclosure.

Nuclear Lab Buys Brain-Inspired Computing Technology

IBM has been hawking the technology in Washington.

OPM Seeks Social Media Tracking for Background Checks

OPM is conducting market research to find companies that can perform automated social media tracking and other types of Web crawling.

DOD Tech Chief Talks Data Centers, Modernization and Cyber Workforce

The Defense Department’s top techie discussed the Pentagon’s most pressing IT issues.