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Obama Plan Would Limit NSA Phone Sweeps

Under proposal, government would no longer retain phone records.

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Congress Pushes Forward on Security Clearance Reform Bill

Legislation provides more oversight of government and contract investigators.

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The Upside of NSA Reform Is Far Too Small for Obama to Ignore the Downside

The politics of fighting terrorism are heavily and incontrovertibly stacked against loosening surveillance systems.

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Analysis: Does America Owe Foreigners Any Privacy?

The case for constraining the NSA, even abroad

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Analysis: A Free Society Cannot Escape All Terrorism

An NSA official illustrates the totalitarian temptation in bureaucracies charged with stopping 100 percent of attacks.

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Obama to Unveil NSA Changes Next Week

The Jan. 17 speech will come in the wake of a December report calling for sweeping changes to the government's surveillance practices.

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Analysis: Why Edward Snowden is Not a Whistleblower

Snowden has shone a light on the extent to which technology has outstripped our laws and the Patriot Act may have exceeded its usefulness.

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Lawmakers Skeptical Obama Will Reform NSA After White House Summit

President Obama sat down with a small group lawmakers Thursday to discuss NSA surveillance. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

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Obama Inches Closer to Limiting NSA Power

The President has spent the week consulting lawmakers and privacy experts.

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OMB Directs Agencies to Embrace ‘Value Engineering’

Private-sector management approach promotes cost savings through ongoing analysis.

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