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The White House's Encryption Views Are All Over the Map

Some government officials are focused on catching criminals, while others worry about empowering hackers.

Satisfaction with Federal Government Drops Yet Again

The Treasury Department had the lowest customer satisfaction score in the federal government, largely because of the IRS.

Oversight Lawmakers Probe Extent of Juniper Hack Across Federal Government

Last month, the company announced the discovery of unauthorized code in its technology.

Industry Group Weighs In: FedRAMP Needs Fixing

The industry group’s recommendations mirror efforts announced by the FedRAMP office last week, which focused on speeding up authorizations as well as increasing transparency.

Here’s How the Pentagon Plans to Protect Security Clearance Data

The new IT systems storing background investigation forms on millions of federal employees and contractors will use end-to-end encryption.

Report: OMB Cuts Contracts for Mobile Devices

The new policy could force agencies to consolidate their contracts over the next few years.

Don’t Ask for Permission to Use Agile. Just Start Doing It.

In attempting to move your program to agile methods, you may encounter a number of challenges more common for government program managers than for commercial firms.

TurboTax, H&R Block and TaxAct all Use This Security Feature. Why Doesn’t the IRS?

The Internal Revenue Service is not keeping pace with modern hacking, according to agency watchdogs.

Why Are Government Weather Forecasts So Shouty?

They’re one of the best products put out by the National Weather Service. But they have a certain style.

FDA Wants to Protect High-Tech Medical Devices From Hackers

In new draft guidance, FDA tells device manufacturers to take responsibility for cybersecurity vulnerabilities.