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ouse Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz R-Utah, right, and the committee's ranking member Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., attend a hearing in June.

Lawmakers Want to Know Which Agencies Use a Controversial Cell-Phone Surveillance Tech

A bipartisan group of representatives asked 24 agencies if and how they use “Stingray” technology.

Feds to Undergo Privacy Training Under OMB’s New IT Guidance

Everyone who touches data must execute best practices to curb risk, advocate says.

NASA Has a Prototype of the Spacesuit Astronauts Will Wear on Mars

The crowdsourced Z-2 is for planetary exploration only, and won't be used in space or on spacecrafts.

IRS Not Keeping Track of Whom It Shares Data With

Many "interconnections" used at the tax agency lack proper authorization or security agreements, according to an audit.

DHS Invests in Wearables That Can Detect Nuclear Threats

The Human Portable Tripwire program intends to outfit DHS personnel with devices that alert wearers when nuclear or radioactive material is nearby.

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover near a rock target on lower Mount Sharp.

NASA's Latest Mars Findings Will Test Just How Interested We Really Are in Learning About Mars

Researchers address how and why the planet's once-thick atmosphere lost most of its gases to space.

Sanders Isn't So Tired of 'Those Damn Emails' Anymore

The Democratic frontrunners are no longer shying away from hitting each other where it hurts.

A woman walks past anti-U.S. graffiti in Iran in 2007.

Iran Accused of Hacking Accounts of White House Officials

Iran’s opponents to the nuclear deal are reportedly acting out against the United States.