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How Reverse-Engineering the Brain Could Help Machines Learn

The research arm of the intelligence community wants “human-like proficiency” in processing tasks like one-shot learning, unsupervised clustering and scene parsing

GSA Wants to Make It Easier for Agencies to Buy Agile

The plan is to come up with a new contracting vehicle that will eventually allow agencies to purchase software and services from agile-certified vendors.

Edward Snowden appears in the trailer for the film Citizenfour.

Edward Snowden is Happy With Life in Russia

The fugitive leaker warns that the U.S. is ill-equipped to stop foreign cyberattacks—and opens up about how much he likes living under asylum in Russia.

Police in Seattle have been assisted by a formerly anonymous systems analyst on improving transparency.

How a Seattle Programmer Used Public Records Laws to Push Police to Fix a Surveillance Video Tech Headache

In an expansive interview, a formerly anonymous systems analyst details his plans to assist law enforcement on automated video redactions and greater transparency.

The FBI Is Working With France to Find the Charlie Hebdo Gunmen

Agents are conducting “various database searches” to hunt down the attackers.

Along with the operating system, there are several North Korean desktop backgrounds you can download.

Kim Jong-un’s Operating System Now Available in the Free World

The jingle that plays when you boot up the system is a popular Korean folksong, Motherboard reports.

IBM’s Full-Court Press to Capture DOD Health Records Contract

DOD is expected in June 2015 to award the $11 billion contract for overhauling its electronic health records system.

DISA Aims for Next-Gen System to Secure Millions of Connected Devices

A Jan. 5 request for information queries contractors on a “next-generation” system that would allow the agency to better configure, secure and keep tabs on millions of devices connected to DOD’s networks.

An artist's rendering of Kepler 186f, one of 1,000 Earth-like planets the Kepler spacecraft has uncovered.

NASA Scientists Just Discovered the Most Earth-like Planet Ever

Kepler 438b is believed to be 12% larger than Earth and lies within its sun’s "just right" zone.

Lothar Eckardt, right, executive director of National Air Security Operations at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, speaks with a Customs and Border Patrol agent prior to a drone aircraft flight.

Inspectors Warn: Scrap Proposed $443 Million Border Drone Surge

U.S. unmanned jets fielded to catch border trespassers have not proved their worth and DHS is lowballing cost estimates, the watchdog reported.