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Why Were There So Many Third-Party Apps on, Anyway?

One expert called the large number of apps running in the site's background “digital overkill.”

HHS Tries to Sell Startups on Open Data

In addition to opening certain data sets to the public, the department is trying to get entrepreneurs to come up with new ways to use that data. 2.0: By the Numbers

How the second edition of the scandal-plagued website is doing.

IRS Welcomes Jump in Taxpayers Using Its Website

Call volume around President’s Day expected to strain staff.

The Social Science Behind DARPA’s Plan to Map Out the Dark Web

DARPA’s state-of-the-art search engine, called Memex, would mean little without the guiding hand of social science.

Here’s How DHS Says a Shutdown Would Affect Cyber Operations

A shutdown could delay the issuing of a key contract award under the multibillion-dollar continuous monitoring program DHS manages.

How Tiny Pieces of Space Junk Could Wreak Havoc on US Weather Forecasts

The proliferation of space debris -- and its destructive capacity -- is bad news for the thousands of satellites orbiting Earth.

White House Kicks Off Recruiting For New Class of Innovation Fellows

Recruiting for the innovation fellows coincides with a big hiring push at the U.S. Digital Service.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., requested answers by Feb. 24.

Senator Demands IRS Explanation of Email Recovery

Inspector general reports 16,000 Lois Lerner documents that may be new.

Senators Consider Congressional Role in Internet of Things

How can lawmakers regulate the Internet of Things without stifling innovation?