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Christopher Liddell, White House Director of Strategic Initiatives

Office of American Innovation Targets Federal Customer Service

“If we can just make individual people’s everyday lives 20 percent better, that would be a huge contribution,” White House adviser Chris Liddell said.

Millennials Pose Greatest IT Security Risk of Any Group, Survey Says

Millennials use unapproved apps, Generation X members ignore security policies and baby boomers get phished.

House Homeland Budget Plans $1.8B for Cyber Unit, Cuts Research

The moves are largely consistent with the president’s budget request.

How FedRAMP Keeps Getting Faster

The accreditation time frame is shrinking and GSA is working with the Office of American Innovation to speed up even more.

DATA Act: Agile's First Governmentwide Win

Governmentwide projects are particularly complicated, but here's one that ends on time and under budget.

Here’s How Comics Can Boost Cyber Training

A DHS grantee created a web comic template for cyber training.

Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va.

Lawmaker to Trump’s Election Commission: Drop Your Voter Data Request

Rep. Gerry Connolly urged Mike Pence to abandon a search for sensitive voter data.

These Scanners Could Let You Travel With Liquids and Electronic Devices

A San Diego-based company is in talks with TSA to test out a scanner that could search tablets and cellphones for explosives.

2 Years After Massive Breach, OPM Isn’t Sufficiently Vetting IT Systems

The personnel agency isn’t adequately testing the security of its local and wide area networks, an auditor found.

What Trump’s Cybersecurity Flip-Flop Reveals

Days after announcing a cybersecurity agreement with Russia, the president declared it dead. Meanwhile, his government has taken no action to safeguard U.S. elections.