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USAID official Steve VanRoekel

USAID Tech Guru VanRoekel Stepping Down

The former White House CIO joined USAID to help apply technology to the Ebola fight.

Senators Want to Speed Adoption of Electronic Health Records Systems

Lawmakers discussed how to make electronic health record systems talk to each other.

Rise of the Data Chiefs: Meet the Federal Officials Aiming to Usher in Government’s ‘Golden Age’ of Data

Nextgov sat down with five recently appointed agency chief data officers across government to discuss the mission of the agency CDO and whether there’s room in the federal organizational chart for yet another “chief.”

In Nod To Privacy, Feds Say Every Agency Website Will Be Encrypted

While the "HTTPS-Only Standard" makeover likely won’t happen overnight, privacy proponents cheered the effort.

Another Gender Equality Fail: Top Tech Execs Still Clueless About Women

Google chairman's gaffe seems more the tech industry standard than an isolated bout of ignorance.

FBI Director James Comey

FBI's Plan to Expand Hacking Power Advances Despite Privacy Fears

Google had warned that the rule change represents a "monumental" constitutional concern.

Study: Americans Are Mostly OK With Government Surveillance

Americans seem to have greeted the revelations about government snooping from former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden with a shrug.

Customer Experience in a Dead Zone

On March 24, Government Executive and Nextgov will host an event to discuss the future of customer experience in the government space

If First Responder Broadband Network Isn’t Working by 2022, ‘We Should be Shot,’ Program Director Says

Though the FirstNet team is now about 110 employees, it can take nine to 10 months to hire additional staff because of background checks and other regulations.

18F’s Hillary Hartley on Creating a User-Centered Government

As deputy executive director of GSA’s digital services team, Hillary Hartley’s job is to put customers at the forefront of any technology project.