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An electronmicrograph of bacillus anthracis vegetative cells.

Up to 75 CDC Scientists May Have Been Exposed to Anthrax

Reportedly, the researchers did not take the prescribed safety measures when handling and transferring the Anthrax.

This is not FCC Chairman and former cable industry lobbyist Tom Wheeler. It is, in fact, a dingo.

FCC Chairman Not a Wild Dog (Or is He?)

"I'm not a dingo," declares Tom Wheeler.

Need to Know Memo: A Strategic Approach to Cybersecurity

Agencies are taking proactive measures to address cyber vulnerabilities.

Need to Know Memo: Big Data Brings Advances, Perils

Breaking down a presidential panel's report on big data analytics.

On Friday acting Secretary Sloan Gibson announced that the VA is putting out bids for "purchased care," allowing veterans to be treated at other hospitals, something Congress has also pushed for.

13 Percent of VA Schedulers Say Supervisors Told Them to Falsify Dates

As of May 15, VHA had over 6 million appointments scheduled across the system.

The SpaceX-3 mission soars into the clouds over on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station aboard a Falcon 9 rocket in April.

Why Elon Musk Is Suing the U.S. Air Force

SpaceX is suing its would-be biggest customer for the right to compete for more Pentagon launches.

Navy Vice Adm. Michael Rogers

NSA Chief Denies (Intentionally) Spying on Americans' Faces

Mike Rogers confirms the agency has a facial-recognition program targeting foreigners.

An instrument for detecting radiation is seen on a map of the New York area during an exercise to intercept radioactive "dirty bombs" in waterways near New York in 2011.

Pentagon Funds Development of New Tech for Detecting 'Dirty Bombs'

Most current detection systems rely on helium 3, which is rare.

"I wish this bill did more," Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., said.

The House Just Passed a Bill to End Mass NSA Spying. But Will It Really Change Anything?

Tech companies and privacy groups say the measure leaves loopholes for intelligence agencies to exploit.

FBI Director Won't Apologize for Marijuana Comments

James Comey attempts to set the record straight about his opinion of his agency’s anti-cannabis hiring policies.