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Lawmakers Want Updates on Pentagon’s Security Clearance Overhaul

That’s one of the requirements written into the House version of the Defense Authorization Act.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

Rubio: Politicians Don't Talk Enough About Tech Jobs

Employees concerned about their jobs being replaced don't know how to prepare themselves, Rubio said Wednesday.

The Cell Phone-Monitoring Agency You’ve Never Heard Of

The DHS subcomponent tracked cell calls during the San Bernardino attack last December.

Ex-Hacker: If You Get Hacked, Sue Somebody

The days of software companies having built-in legal “liability protections” are about to come to an end, one expert says.

Members of the Hawaii National Guard A Company 227th Brigade Engineer Battalion  participate in an exercise designed to improve collaborative efforts in the response to domestic emergencies.

The Military Wants a Privacy Firewall for Disaster Response

A new tool to strip personal information from tweets and social media could help troops zero in on trouble spots.

Homeland Security Wants Government To Get Better at Mobile Security

A new document includes insights for chief information officers, business owners and developers.

Juniper Code Hack Remains a Whodunit

What is known is that the government still does not have its act together when a software emergency goes down.

Despite ‘Agile’ Approach, Agencies Might Not Meet DATA Act Deadline

It’s been almost two years since Congress passed legislation requiring agencies to standardize spending data.