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OMB to agencies: Ask users if your forms make sense

Administration recommends focus groups or Web-based feedback.

British synchronized swimmers Olivia Federici and Jenna Randall made it to the events' final.

How much it costs to throw an Olympics vs. go to Mars

Curiosity Rover's price tag looks like pocket change next to the tab for the London games.

USPS isn’t rich, but it’s pretty fast

Researchers compare the postal services of 159 countries, and USPS finishes first.

Does Tech Cost More Than It's Worth?

IT doesn’t seem to be a top priority for most federal executives, according to a new study.

An electric car refuels at a charging station in San Francisco.

Government’s hired cars should be as green as its own, group says

The federal fleet’s fuel standards should also apply to third-party vehicles, report recommends.

Gregory Long, executive director of the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

TSP head expresses regret over cyberattack

The board’s executive director says agency now has a plan in place to notify participants of security breaches.

Labor Department: Contractors should not send pre-sequester layoff notices

Such actions aren't needed because it's not certain a sequester will go into effect, ruling states.

New website links government contractors with former feds shows promise as it enters a competitive market, analyst says.

Report suggests sweeping changes to CFC

Federal employees’ charity campaign should expand donor base and get a website, commission finds.