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The Federal Government’s Technology Problem is Actually a Design Problem

If you want to help federal tech, start with design, according to USDS consultant Dana Chisnell.

VA IT Budget Proposes Boost for Cyber Spending

Spending on information protection encompasses more than a single budget account and is sprinkled across the department.

The Case for a Cyber Red Cross

Some experts advocate for an impartial, nongovernmental organization that would respond to cyberattacks the same way the Red Cross responds to natural disasters and war conflicts.

5 Forces That Could Transform Government IT

Analytics, cloud computing, the return of core systems and other forces are poised to change businesses and government over the next 18 to 24 months, according to a new report from Deloitte.

The Jaguar supercomputer at a Department of Energy lab in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Spy Research Agency Is Building Psychic Machines to Predict Hacks

Using publicly available Internet data, supercomputer-like systems will estimate when a prowler might try to breach a system.

Multiple Companies Protest $1.6 Billion Pentagon Contract

The bid protestors contend the contract re-up is an improper sole-source request for cloud services that would give VMware an unfair advantage competing for DOD’s growing cloud demand.

DOD Wants Physical Separation for Classified Data in the Cloud … For Now

The Pentagon isn’t ready yet for classified information to be stored off-premise in the cloud.

Moving Beyond the PDF Era: 3 Reasons to Embrace Financial Transparency

President Barack Obama's 2016 budget request reflected the values of data-driven government.

What Really Grinds Federal IT Managers’ Gears? Try the Hiring Process

The CIO Council has just wrapped up a survey of the IT workforce about its frustrations with the federal hiring process.

The IRS Knows What Computer You Are Using -- and That Might Be a Good Thing

One counter-fraud measure the agency is piloting will capture identifying data from the PC used to file a tax return. Multiple returns from the same device could signal fraud.