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Agencies want better guidance on BYOD

Reimbursement plans, privacy and legal issues are major challenges, report says.

Obama gives feds Christmas Eve off

Federal employees receive extra paid holiday and a four-day weekend.

GSA Chief Dan Tangherlini

GSA reimagines federal building cluster near National Mall

Agency plans to shrink federal footprint, boost neighborhood.

The guilty conscience of a drone pilot who killed a child

The lessons of remotely piloted missions over Afghanistan.

Gun control petition is most popular ever posted to White House site

More than 120,000 people have signed the petition posted after Friday's deadly school shooting.

The revised site "strengthens the government’s performance management with greater transparency, accountability and shared responsibility," said OMB's Shelley Metzenbaum.

OMB unveils upgrade to governmentwide performance website

Additions include bar graphs and other features to help measure progress on goals.

The state of intellectual property around the world

The United Nations's globe-spanning, definitive guide.

Helping intelligence agencies better predict the future

Could human and machine forecasters work together to increase their foresight?

More invisible wounds of war

VA expands list of illnesses related to traumatic brain injury that will qualify vets for disability benefits.

Housing the Kremlin, Moscow's Red Square is considered the central square of all of Russia.

Cyber early warning deal collapses after Russia balks

UN-recognized organization fails to reach consensus on declaration to avoid cyberwar.