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President Barack Obama uses his BlackBerry device as he walks at Sidwell Friends school in Bethesda, Md.

BlackBerry Says It’s Staging a Comeback - But Nobody Told the Feds

The company has installed a new leadership team, slashed operating expenses by $2 billion and is still making “awesome” devices, new COO says.

The ISS, with the European automated transfer vehicle Georges Lemaître docked, in October 2014.

A Little Ship Just Saved the International Space Station

Meet the Georges Lemaître, which helped the orbiting laboratory—currently home to six humans—to avoid a potentially disastrous collision with space junk.

Rap Sheets, Watchlists and Spy Networks Now Available With Single Click

DNI flips the switch on a single sign-on tool for sharing sensitive information.

A BQM-74E drone is launched from the deck of the USS Lassen during a missile exercise, on September 21, 2010.

The Military Wants New Technologies To Fight Drones

These are the technologies we will use to counter drones in the future. By Patrick Tucker

A healthcare worker dons protective gear before entering an Ebola treatment center in the west of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

In Off-the-Grid West Africa, How Can Tech Fight Ebola?

For now, a big piece of USAID’s efforts lie in improving the technology doctors and nurses use when treating patients with Ebola.

Verizon Latest to Achieve FedRAMP Compliance

ATO legitimizes ECFE as government worthy and makes its cloud services easier to adopt.

Long-awaited FISMA Reforms May Hit Stumbling Block

The House and Senate have hit a road bump trying to update a 2002 law covering federal computer security.

‘Posting and Praying’: Why Agencies’ Old-School Approach to Recruiting Tech Talent Needs an Update

Federal hiring strategies need to consider more than just jobseekers’ altruism.

Biological analysis: Ted Ognibene analyzes data at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on his desktop computer.

Why Did This Federal Lab Pay 42 Different Prices for the Same Computer?

Energy Department has attempted to standardize equipment buys, but IT purchasing remains problematic.

Judges Skeptical NSA Spying Violates Privacy Rights

In reviewing a post-Snowden case Tuesday, an appeals court questioned whether the government’s bulk collection of phone records needs to be reined in.