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Does the Customer Know Best When it Comes to Federal Services?

After the implosion, the federal government learned the hard way the importance of customer experience.

New Federal CIO’s Mission: ‘Landing the Plane’

Tony Scott says he’s focusing on finishing the job envisioned by his predecessors, not wiping the slate clean and starting anew.

The Dinosaur Hall is one of the main exhibits at the the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History.

Scientists, Environmentalists Tell Smithsonian to Ditch Koch Money

Calls for museums to cut ties with climate skeptics are growing louder.

For First Time in 7 Years, FCC Fines TV Station for Nudity

A Virginia TV station admits to airing a porn clip during the news, but it says the FCC is violating its free-speech rights.

Hillary Clinton answers questions at a news conference at the United Nations, Tuesday, March 10, 2015.

Federal CIO Council Named 'Worst' in Open Government

This is the council's second time winning the Rosemary Award, named after Nixon's secretary, Rose Mary Woods, who erased 18.5 minutes of a Watergate tape.

Clinton speaks at an event in Washington on Monday.

Did an IG Vacancy Delay Exposure of Clinton Emails?

POGO criticizes State Department watchdog for overlooking issues at highest levels.

State Says It Mistakenly Gave Itself an F on Email Security

A buggy scoring system and self-reporting mistakes are partly to blame for State earning "0" marks on email encryption, officials say.

NASA Went to Space and All Humans Got Was This Acne Treatment

How astronaut technology has found its way into drugstores and hospitals.

Federal IT Spending Could Spike in 2016

The Department of Health and Human Services' IT spending may be the main driver, a new forecast suggests.

GAO: IRS May Be Putting Taxpayer Info At Risk

The annual report, issued each year during tax season, has uncovered security flaws for the past several years.