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Uncle Sam Is Helping Illegal Pot Producers Destroy California's Water Supply

The paradoxical status of marijuana in the U.S. means growers enjoy unregulated use of water, and the resulting easy profits have helped attract operations that are increasingly industrial in scale.

Military personnel walk past an entrance to the Washington Navy Yard Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013.

House Panel Faults Local Police Departments, Contractor in Navy Yard Shooting

Two reports blame localities and U.S. Investigations Services for failing to properly vet Aaron Alexis.

DARPA Thinks the Future of Surveillance Looks Like Siri

In a live webcast with Defense One, DARPA’s innovation leader says we don't have to make a choice between privacy and security. By Patrick Tucker

Study Shows Agency Management Challenges Haven’t Changed

Information technology security tops list of concerns across government, consultant says.

Where Obamacare Is and Isn't Working and Why

The single greatest predictor for where the healthcare law's exchanges are successful? Which party controls the state government.

“GSA and the Department of Defense will continue to engage stakeholders to develop a repeatable process to address cyber risks in the development, acquisition, sustainment, and disposal lifecycles for all federal procurements,” Dan Tangherlini said.

Pentagon Joins With GSA to Improve Cybersecurity in Acquisitions

Recommendations are aimed at strengthening the system’s resilience against attacks.

Navy Official Could Be New NSA Chief

News reports say Vice Adm. Mike Rogers, currently head of the Navy's cyber command, is a leading candidate to replace outgoing Gen. Keith Alexander.

Eric Holder Is Maybe Thinking About Talking to Edward Snowden's Lawyers

justice chief told MSNBC's Ari Melber he would "engage in conversations."

HHS Secretary Defends, Obamacare to Mayors

Kathleen Sebelius tells a somewhat skeptical group of local leaders that enrollment in Affordable Care Act is up to 9 million.

GSA Website Wins Harvard Innovation Award taps the public for solutions to government problems.