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Isis -- No, Not That One -- Wins $7 Million Pentagon Cyber Contract

The Pentagon has hired a little-known Virginia startup with an unfortunate name to work on a big data project.

FTC Pits Humans Against Robocalls in New Contest

FTC is looking for anyone who can block, forward and predict which phone calls are made by automated systems.

Video: Open Data and Citizen Engagement

The fifth installment in our collaboration with Socrata's Open Data TV.

Brit Allegedly Extracted Data from Pentagon Satellite System

The data compromised includes employee contact information and mobile device ID numbers.

Senate Armed Services Committee member, Sen. Deb Fischer, R-Neb.

Senators: We Need a National Strategy for the Internet of Things

The bipartisan group urged the United States to articulate a national strategy for developing and deploying the Internet of Things.

New CIO Wants Fresh Pair of Eyes to Look at Federal IT Problems

The IT Solutions Challenge will consist of several working groups of "rising stars" from the IT world tasked with zeroing in on tech issues in the federal government.

White House Press Secretary Said 'Personal Email' More Than 40 Times in Two Days

Josh Earnest spent this week fielding a barrage of questions about Hillary Clinton’s e-mail practices at the State Department.

Many Feds Are Uncomfortable Communicating by Email

Employees are more afraid of retaliation by bosses than disclosure, survey finds.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter

Pentagon Adds Social Media Whiz to Team

The new director for digital media and strategy will revamp DOD's communication via social media.

4 Things to Know about the Federal IT Budget Proposal

Big-ticket IT procurements and system modernizations provide a road map of agencies’ spending priorities in the year ahead.