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Agencies in race to smash supercomputing records

Efforts sponsored by NASA and the Energy Department have set new supercomputing standards in the past two weeks.

EDS delays release of earnings because of NMCI audit

Release of third-quarter earnings are delayed for a second time as auditors examine the development of the massive intranet project.

Navy says new technology contract yields rewards

The top official at the Navy Marine Corps Intranet project praised a contract overhaul that will pay EDS more money for reaching lower thresholds.

Group recommends creating council to oversee electronic records management

Better visibility is called for in report from government working group focused on improving agencies’ electronic records management.

Agencies show modest management improvements

Financial management initiatives received the worst ratings on the president's latest score card.

Study projects healthy increase in federal computer spending

Agency computer purchases expected to grow 35 percent by 2009.

Homeland Security tech spending on the way up

President Bush and Congress have provided the Homeland Security Department millions of dollars next year for a myriad of technology-related programs.