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House panels offer fertile ground to review tech issues

Telework would benefit from a close analysis by government management subcommittee, outside observer says.

Budget proposal to detail benefits of IT consolidation

Document also will describe technology projects that have suffered from deficiencies in planning, administration official says.

Navy developing massive information network

Cost of the project has not been determined; implementation slated to begin in 2010.

OMB management chief welcomes Democratic oversight

Key oversight committee schedules hearing on potential political interference with federal scientists.

Lockheed Martin to provide high-tech IDs at ports

Transportation Security Administration contract has an initial value of $70 million.

CIO council strategic plan emphasizes workforce issues

Group also will champion the Bush administration’s effort to streamline back-end technology systems across government.

VA and Defense agree to build joint electronic health system

Existing systems need an upgrade; effort to adopt a common system could boost efficiency and save money.

Managers remain hesitant about telework

Survey finds that supervisors who work away from the office themselves are more likely to embrace the practice.

Lawmakers seek probe of Energy cyber-security programs

Request stems from concerns that weakness could allow "individuals or groups backed by nation-states" to access classified information.

Latest breach revives call for action to protect data

Bills introduced this session of Congress would require agencies to disclose breaches and encrypt all sensitive data.