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Legislators demand cost estimate for border program

Manager says DHS will give lawmakers a report Dec. 4 laying out the initiative's costs, schedule and deployments.

Senators take aim at Defense Travel System’s reservation tool

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., threatens to hold up next year’s Pentagon spending bill if issues with the travel system are not resolved.

Task force advocates innovation focus in military

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says long-term goal should be not just combating terrorism but leading in science by investing in national security advances.

Agencies share secrets for boosting e-gov grades

Transportation Department and Small Business Administration jump from lowest ranking to highest in just a few months.

Inspector general outlines flaws in border security plan

Initiative is vulnerable to changing schedule and cost estimates, Homeland Security IG says.

Panelists: Combating data theft is not complicated

More than 40 percent of recently reported data breaches were the result of stolen or lost equipment; hacker intrusions are much less frequent.

IT security measure may founder in lame-duck Senate

Veterans Affairs’ move to consolidate technology operations addresses much of what was in the bill, Senate spokesman says.

Officials eye 50-percent mark on cyber compliance

The most progress has been made in handling personnel security and identifying who is accessing various IT systems.

Private sector grows skeptical of IT consolidation efforts

Poor planning and a lack of execution could doom the Office of Management and Budget’s information technology streamlining projects, industry officials say.

Officials expect congressional oversight of IT to increase

Observers don’t, however, expect drastic changes in government information technology policy.