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VA’s System for Managing IT Projects Comes Under Scrutiny

A new inspector general report finds the system needs some monitoring of its own.

Secret Service officers search the grounds of the White House Monday.

Drone Crashes Onto South Lawn of the White House

A small unmanned aircraft crashed on the southeast side of the executive mansion Monday morning.

Microbiologist Ashley Sabol extracting Listeria bacteria for genome sequencing in a foodborne disease outbreak lab at the CDC in Atlanta.

The Federal Government May be Unpopular, but Science and Tech Agencies Remain a Hit

When it comes to tech and science government agencies, more than half of the public polled view them favorably.

YouTube's GloZell Asks Obama About the Castros, Who Put the 'D— in Dictatorship'

This is White House communications strategy in the 21st century.

Why is DC's STEM Scene Lacking?

Washington, D.C., barely cracked into the top 25 best metro areas for STEM professionals, according to a new study.

"We should be open to anything and everything," Michelle Lee said. "Including topics raised in the 113th Congress, and it could be new ideas."

Obama Nominee Stays Mum on Fighting Patent Trolls

Michelle Lee is a popular pick to run the Patent and Trademark Office. But don’t expect her to prescribe to Congress how—or when—it should tackle patent trolls.

For Feds, Choosing Cloud Services is a Lot Like Dating

Know what you want and be serious about committing are sage pieces of advice that also apply to procuring cloud computing services in the federal government.

NASA and Microsoft Have Partnered to Make Remote Work Possible on Mars

The world's foremost space agency and one of the world's largest companies are joining forces to finally put a man on Mars.

How Crucial is a Systems Integrator? Without One, You Might Wind up with

One of the most obvious missteps cited by auditors was the lack of a lead systems integrator to oversee all of the project’s moving parts.

President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union address.

Obama’s Best SOTU Quip Rips ‘I’m Not a Scientist’ Line

Obama’s best line of the night may have come when he addressed climate change.