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A reflection of the Department of Homeland Security logo is seen reflected in the glasses of a cyber security analyst at DHS.

Disarray or Dream Team? DHS Cyber Efforts Under Scrutiny

DHS insists it’s building a strong cyber team, but spate of departures loom large.

The Imperfect Attempt to Chase Ebola

Scientists are using computer models to predict the outbreak's next moves, but they can't account for human behavior.

White House to Agencies: We’ve Told You Enough About Software

OMB still rejects GAO recommendation to issue further guidance.

Navy to Ditch NMCI for Microsoft in Cloud Email Pilot

Cost savings, efficiency and reliability behind move

FBI Plans Rapid DNA Dragnets

FBI could collect stop-and-swab genetic records in biometric ID database.

Kim Kardashian

Second Nude Data Dump Nets Kim Kardashian

Technique likely similar to J.Law hack, where Apple security protections apparently were bypassed.

Report: The Federal Consumer Watchdog Has Data on Up to 600 Million Credit-Card Accounts

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is designed as a hedge against abusive business practices, but its bulk information collection is under fire.

The limousine carrying mortally wounded President John F. Kennedy races toward the hospital seconds after he was shot in Dallas, on Nov. 22, 1963.

Printing Office Releases Digital Version of Report on JFK Assassination

Includes 26 volumes of hearing records and documents

Meet the New White House Space Buff Who Won’t Shy Away From a Challenge

OSTP can now boast the addition of another accomplished woman -- this time, an aerospace engineer from NASA.

Intelligence Community ‘All In’ on New Technology Plan

Intelligence officials say the days of owning entire stovepipe systems are over.