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White House Promotes Tech Meetups

Under federal CTO Megan Smith, the White House hosted its first tech meetup, encouraging technologists from across the U.S. to network with each other.

Video: Is the iPad Dead?

Say it ain't so.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C.

How Secure is an Email Tip Line for Federal Employees?

Congressman Mark Meadows announced on Thursday the launch of an email account for federal employees to send anonymous complaints about their working conditions, according to his website.

These 3 Steps Could Prevent 85 Percent of All Data Breaches

A great many cyber calamities are preventable through basic cybersecurity hygiene.

Federal Employees, Don’t Do This on Social Media

Ethics officials say they’ve been inundated with questions from agencies about how their employees’ Twitter and Facebook habits conform with govermentwide ethics rules.

An artist's depiction of Landsat 8, which launched in 2013.

A New Satellite for One of the Great Space Programs

Landsat 9 will launch in 2023, and promises the continuity of a critical, long-running database for imagery of the Earth's surface.

Agencies Botch IT Savings Estimates by $3.8 Billion

Drastic revisions by the departments of Defense and Homeland Security accounted for most of the savings discrepancy.

People walk through the Ericsson booth during the International CES Friday, Jan. 9, 2015, in Las Vegas.

Consumer Electronics Show Sets up Shop in Least Tech-Savvy Place on Earth: US Congress

Tech companies, from startups to heavyweights such as Google and LG, came to the Rayburn House Office to pitch their products to lawmakers.

Shortage of IT Security Professionals not Unique to Government

The information security workforce gap isn’t a federal government problem; it’s a worldwide problem.

House Uses Tax Day to Pass Restraints on IRS

Bills range from bans on private email use to “preventing targeting.”