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Hong Kong's skyline

Next Move China—Will Hong Kong (or Beijing) Refuse to Extradite the NSA Leaker?

Edward Snowden’s reasons for choosing Hong Kong may have included its determination to stand up for freedom of expression.

Jay Carney said Tuesday that the Obama administration is taking action to limit frivolous patent lawsuits, or "patent trolling."

Why Patent Trolls Will Laugh in the Face of the Government’s Attempts to Fight Them

Patent trolling is essentially a tax on innovation, and tech giants hate it.

GSA Managers Faulted for Overruling Contracting Officers

IG report says executives bent under pressure from software giants.

Senior Execs' Secret Email Addresses Offered for $1 Million -- Briefly

Labor initially asked AP to pay dearly for the contact info.

Analysis: Replacing Traditional Government With a 'Virtual State'

From Facebook to security guards, private alternatives to government are on the rise.

Storify: Defense Civilians Take Furlough Notices to Twitter

On social network, employees expressed dismay at the news.

Air Force Begins Reinstating Suspended Personnel at Nuclear Launch Site

Nineteen employees required additional training; four have completed it.

Daniel Fawcett of the U.S. Forest Service sets a back-fire to combat a wildfire in Wrightwood, Calif. in 2009.

The Feds Are Fighting Forest Fires Wrong

The government pours billions into fighting fires but skimps on cheap, proven methods for stopping megafires before they start.

Analysis: A Global War on Terror by Another Name Doesn't Tell Us How to Succeed

President Obama rejected the Bush-era term Global War on Terrorism in a major speech announcing changes to his counterterrorism policies.

Indian Navy's Supersonic Sea Harriers fighter aircrafts are prepared for a display during an exercise on board Indian Navy vessel INS Virat in the Arabian Sea.

New Global Navy Challenges U.S. Dominance on the Seas

The BRIC nations—Brazil, Russia, India and China—are increasing their naval presence.