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How HUD got off 'high-risk' list

Officials say information technology was central to improvements in rental housing assistance and single-family mortgage aid.

VA info security upgrade just getting started, auditors say

A decentralized, nonstandard IT system defies easy fixes, official tells lawmakers.

Federal officials say data sharing efforts are improving

Homeland Security has created 38 "fusion centers" to blend law enforcement and intelligence information.

Google seeks to sell agencies on hosted software

Search engine giant has recently begun selling software products on demand to government and industry.

GSA works to restore contracting relationship with Pentagon

The agency is coordinating with the Defense comptroller to reinforce proper management of department funds, among other steps.

DHS cybersecurity chief shares priorities

Security solutions can be as simple as naming chief information security officers and monitoring systems around the clock, Greg Garcia says.

Group finds federal CIOs gaining traction

Officials say private sector could push for improved budget process and streamlined regulations for IT purchases.

New company makes bid for public-safety network

Firm plans to outline a proposal to build a nationwide wireless public-safety network that also would have commercial applications.

GSA chief seeks probe of inspector general's office

Lawyer for agency administrator Lurita Doan requests an inquiry into whether IG officials leaked information on an investigation of her.

OMB: Financial system consolidation already tested

Over the past decade, seven large agencies have moved to shared service centers for financial management systems, administration officials say.