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More Cloud Data Breaches ‘Inevitable’ in 2015, Forrester Says

The findings should raise eyebrows particularly for government customers, who put a premium on protecting sensitive information.

How Washington Bungled the Solyndra Story

The former head of the Energy Department loan program corrects the record.

Why We Need an ‘M-Government’ Movement

The time has come for governments globally to take a hard look at their capacity to provide effective mobile-oriented services.

US Secretary of State John Kerry

State Department Hacked at Same Time as White House

The State Department's unclassified email system was compromised in recent weeks, at the same time as a White House network.

More Transparency in the Works at OSC

OSC's open government plan touts several initiatives to increase transparency – from digital tweaks to broader changes.

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Former Microsoft CEO Invests Big In Harvard’s Computer Science Faculty

The field of computer science is undergoing rapid change, Steve Ballmer says.

Amazon's Cloud Chief: Government Data Centers Will Be a Thing of the Past

Think of it as government service by the gigabyte, with cloud replacing today's federal data centers.

House Oversight Committee member Rep. Gerald Connolly, D-Va.

Lawmakers Hopeful FITARA Finish Line In Sight

Architects of the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act are hopeful the legislation will be wrapped up in the National Defense Authorization Act.

Five Things You Could Buy for the Price of an F-35

How $180 million could improve national security.

Risky Business at IRS When It Comes to IT Security, IG Finds

Risk-based decision-making describes the tradeoffs an agency makes -- or doesn’t make -- when confronted with a potential cyber vulnerability.