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Millennials Kind of Clueless About Cybersecurity Careers

Millennials aren’t necessarily ready to take on the mantle of cyber savior.

The CDC Is Using Twitter to Explain Ebola for the Second Time in Two Months

And people have just as many questions about the virus as they did during August's online chat.

Astronauts Kathryn D. Sullivan, left, and Sally K. Ride display a "bag of worms" during the STS-41G mission in 1984. The bag is a sleep restraint and the majority of the 'worms' are mostly springs and clips used with the sleep restraint.

30 Years Later, NOAA Administrator Reflects on Her Spacewalk

The first American woman to walk in space shares her experience, three decades later.

Peace Corps volunteer Joshua Fuder, center, speaks with residents of Lolovoli village on the island of Ambae, part of the Vanuatu islands chain.

Peace Corps Sees Record Interest After Simplified Application Goes Online

Old application involved 60 printed pages and took as long as eight hours to complete.

White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Michael Daniel

Q&A: White House Cyber Czar on Hiring Cyber Pros, Snowden and the Internet of Things

Michael Daniel has made it his personal mission to understand cybersecurity’s human factor.

Astronaut Clayton Anderson was able to e-vote from space with an encoded document that only the Harris County Clerk could open.

How Astronauts Vote From Space

When civic-minded astronauts go into orbit, they don’t lose the ability to cast a ballot on affairs down below.

App to Help Feds Nab Child Predators Expands to Android

ICE says iPhone version was a success, expands program.

Working for the US Customs and Border Protection, Izzy is an agricultural detector beagle whose nose is highly sensitive to food odors. Izzy sniffs incoming baggage and passengers at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.

The Next Step in Securing the Border: Fido and a Smart-Sensor Collar

Wearable devices are gaining root in protecting U.S. borders.

The FBI’s Secret Surveillance Program Is About to Go on Trial

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear a case this week that could have seismic implications for how the government spies on Americans.

These drones can see where you put your sunscreen.

Yes, Sunbathers, That's a Government-Commissioned Drone Above You

Small Coast Guard robot planes would be deployed for public-safety missions.