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What Can the Pentagon Learn From Amazon?

Military analysts would benefit from a larger, more transparent knowledge database, NGIC commander Nichoel Brooks said recently.

US Postal Service Might Be Just Fine Without a Chief Data Officer

The Postal Service doesn't appear to need a CDO, but there is still room for improvement when it comes to its handling of data, according to a recent IG report.

"Our core mission from the very beginning has been to investigate, explore space and the Earth environment, and to help us make this place a better place," NASA's Charles Bolden said.

Ted Cruz: NASA Needs to Stop Worrying About Climate Change, Focus on Space

The Texas Republican told NASA’s chief Thursday to focus on “what inspires little boys and little girls across this country.”

Trader Robert McQuade, right, works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Thursday, March 5, 2015.

Treasury Begins Automating Cyber Tip-Sharing with Banks

The technology upgrade follows heavy assaults on Wall Street networks over the past few years.

U.S. Arctic Envoy is Still Talking With Disney to Use 'Frozen' to Teach Climate Change

'It's a very good company, and they put out a good product, and I'd like to have them help us raise awareness.'

Meet the Digital Service Guru Who’s Helping New Recruits Navigate the Federal Bureaucracy

Nextgov sat down with Erie Meyer to get more insight into how she helps new recruits maneuver through a Mt. Everest of government regulations, rules and guidelines.

GSA CIO Sonny Hashmi

GSA Announces IT Leadership Shuffle

The agency is losing both its CIO and the executive director of its digital office. Finally Gets Boosted Encryption

The announcement comes about a month after several government groups said they were transitioning to HTTPS-only public-facing websites.

State Department headquarters.

State Says it Needs to Rebuild Classified Computer Networks after Hack

State has asked Congress for $10 million to support "the necessary re-architecting of the classified and unclassified networks” at the department

Clinton addressed reporters Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton, Taking Questions About Her Email, Says She 'Opted for Convenience'

Now that everyone else has, the former secretary of State weighed in Tuesday on the news surrounding her email use at the State Department.