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"The Interview" is listed on the Cinema Village movie theater marquee, Thursday, Dec. 25, 2014, in New York.

Sony Hack Signals ‘New Normal’ in Cybersecurity

The attack on the entertainment conglomerate illustrates the cold reality of the cybersecurity landscape today: It’s likely to get worse before it gets better.

US Digital Service Hauled in to Shore up White House Security After Hack

The U.S. Digital Service -- the newly minted federal IT fix-it shop headed by former Google engineer Mikey Dickerson -- has been dispatched to look at shoring up security on the White House networks.

Watchdog Wants to Know if DOD Has Actually Saved Money by Jumping to the Cloud

Audit to determine whether DOD components performed cost-benefit analyses before buying cloud services.

Science and operations officer Christopher Buonanno monitors data on Hurricane Isaac at the National Weather Service Warning and Forecast Office in North Little Rock, Ark.

NWS Says 'No Involvement' from China-Owned Unit in IBM Supercomputer Deal

The National Weather Service will get forecast-boosting supercomputers that will increase processing capacity by almost tenfold.

Some CIA employees had attempted to retrieve certain agency documents without appropriate permission.

The CIA's Watchdog Is Resigning After Revealing That Spies Hacked the Senate

Inspector General David Buckley will step down at the end of the month, the agency said.

Why Commercial Clouds are More Secure than Federal Data Centers

It’s time to add security as a reason for, not against, moving federal applications to the commercial cloud.

The Mobile Wave Still Looks Like a Trickle in Government

With thousands of federal websites that haven’t yet been optimized for miniature screens, agencies are making a slow go of making government services mobile-friendly.

Can Transparency Be Legislated?

Data is objective, but interpretation is less clean.

How a New Social Network Could Help Close the Cyber Worker Shortage

By this spring, organizers aim to have 10,000 registered users participating on the CyberCompEx site, a partnership of the U.S. Cyber Challenge and

Homeland Security inadvertently released more than 800 pages of information about how to hack energy infrastructure.

How a DHS Document Dump Imperiled U.S. Security

Homeland Security inadvertently released more than 800 pages of information about how to hack energy infrastructure.