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Tornado Swarms Are Now Upon Us

Twisters are arriving more frequently in large "clusters," say NOAA scientists.

VA Plans to Build Nationwide High-Frequency Radio Network to Communicate During Emergencies

Network will cover more than 200 VA medical facilities.

Mark Udall Touts NSA Reform (and Dings Obama) in Bid to Save Senate Seat

One of the Senate’s fiercest critics of government surveillance is attempting to leverage his track record on the issue to salvage his reelection.

Data Is Driving STEM Recruitment

From heat maps to workforce demographics, the search for talent is on.

Is FedRAMP Toothless? Rogue Cloud Systems Abound at Agencies, IGs Say

Auditors chalked up the missed deadline, in part, to a leadership vacuum.

How Should the Government Respond to JPMorgan Hack?

If a nation state hacked JPMorgan, that deserves a government response, former top cop said.

Pentagon Needs to Build Cybersecurity into the Acquisition Process

The Defense Department needs to turn its focus to the protection of battlefield systems.

Laura Poitras

Snowden's Closest Confidant Reveals What It Was Like Spilling the NSA's Secrets

“We knew we were going to piss off the most powerful people in the world," Laura Poitras told National Journal.

FBI’s Most Wanted Hackers: A Bingo Buff, Chinese Military Members and a PI for the Brokenhearted

Pulling them from the keyboard likely won’t dent cybercrime, research indicates.

Edward Snowden: Supreme Court Will Strike Down NSA Spying Programs

The former NSA contractor also warned that Apple and Google’s new privacy protections on their mobile devices are not impenetrable.