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IBM's “Watson” computer in Yorktown Heights, N.Y.

A Closer Look at How IBM’s Watson Could Transform Veteran Health Care

VA’s experiment with IBM’s Watson computer represents a chance for some groundbreaking efforts in health care.

Beth Cobert, Deputy Director of Management, Office of Management and Budget.

Get Ready to Hear More About the Low-Profile US Digital Service

Thanks to an infusion of new funding from Congress, the U.S. Digital Service is ready to scale up. These are the projects the team of innovators plan to tackle first.

Obama’s Cybersecurity Plan, Explained

Despite claims, could the White House initiative have stopped the Sony hack?

Agencies, Want a New Website? Talk to GSA

The General Services Administration is now in charge of a 4-year-old effort to streamline thousands of extraneous federal websites.

NASA Just Sent Its Astronauts Some Weird Stuff

Flatworms, Salmonella, mustard and IMAX cameras—what, exactly, is the space agency doing?

Obama announced the plan in a video on the White House site.

President Backs Government-Run Internet Networks

Obama wants to overturn state laws that restrict cities from building their own networks.

Introducing the New Emerging Tech Blog

Regular topics will include interesting tidbits on IT, research and development efforts, the rumor mill and emerging ideas that may one day be the next big deal.

President Barack Obama speaks at the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center in Arlington, Va.

Obama Thinks Cyberthreat Sharing is Ready for Comeback

The Obama administration plans to rewrite a 2011 legislative proposal for collecting information from hacked companies and sharing it across industry -- to alleviate privacy concerns.

Agency Leaders are Gung Ho about Going Digital. So, Where are Their Plans?

More than two-thirds of federal leaders in a recent survey were unsure whether their agencies had a documented strategy for harnessing the power of digital technology.

What if the Problem Isn’t the Rules, but the People?

When it comes to acquiring new digital technology, acquisition regulations aren’t really the issue.