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Julian Assange, speaking at SXSW on Saturday, March 8

The Internet Is the New Battleground, Assange Tells SXSW

Hackers, entrepreneurs and software developers gather in Austin to discuss how the NSA has helped and hurt the country. By Patrick Tucker

Senator: Some Data on Contractor Past Performance is Missing or Inaccurate

Claire McCaskill says ‘clumsy’ databases aren’t helping agencies avoid incompetent contractors.

A cyber protection team at work at Combined Air and Space Operations Center, Nellis Air Force Base, during the Red Flag 14-1 exercise

What Will $5 Billion in Military Cyber Spending Pay For?

The Pentagon is spending more on cybersecurity, but is it spending it in the right way? By Patrick Tucker

Sailors working at the Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command

Syrian Electronic Army Threatens to Hack CENTCOM

A group of anonymous hackers backing the Syrian government is threatening to take down U.S. Central Command. By Patrick Tucker

The Army Wants You to Build Them a Laser Truck

The military is pushing ahead with directed energy weapons. by Patrick Tucker

A demostration of the Mid-tier Networking Vehicular Radio system at Fort Huachuca

How the Army Plans to Fight a War Across the Electromagnetic Spectrum

The Army’s first-ever electromagnetic warfare field manual shows that, for the military, IEDs and spam have a lot in common. By Patrick Tucker

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa

FDA on Defensive for Snooping on Employees’ Computers

Two reports detail efforts to monitor communications of scientists suspected of press leaks.

More Than 134,000 Feds to Telework Next Week

Effort will save government more than $11 million, group says.

The White House Has Four Options For NSA Reform

Choices include having phone companies or another government agency retain private data.

The Supreme Court Could Limit Obama's Executive Action Where It Matters Most: Climate Change

The question at stake is whether the EPA has the right to consider greenhouse gas emissions in industrial permits, and if it has the right to change the levels of pollution that it would allow.