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Photo of the United States Department of Defense homepage on a monitor screen through a magnifying glass.

Here’s What the Rewrite of DOD’s Cloud Strategy Will Look Like

An update to the Defense Department’s cloud computing strategy aims to decentralize the process for purchasing commercial cloud solutions

Key Internet and Tech Concepts Still Mysteries for Many

Many Americans are puzzled by concepts that support the Internet and other technological innovations.

Even with the DATA Act, the Forecast for Transparency Remains Murky

Even after passage of the Data Act, it’s far from clear we’ll end up with the kind of transparency that matters most.

Prince George's County School Employees’ Social Security Numbers Emailed Out Erroneously

About 10,000 personnel are affected by the security breach.

A wheelchair sits outside the Atlanta VA Medical Center in Atlanta.

VA’s Aggressive Plan for Shedding Its 'Back-to-the-Future' Era Scheduling System

VA is now taking bids for commercial software to replace a clunky 1980s-era system for scheduling medical appointments.

Todd Park, former chief technology officer of the US, prepares to testify on Capitol Hill

Government Tech Recruiting Still Overshadowed by Blunder

Democrats are concerned Todd Park’s recent grilling could hurt his efforts to recruit top tech talent.

The CIA Reviewed Books About Snowden and Is Not Impressed

The spy agency describes Glenn Greenwald’s recent book as full of “bitter ad hominem rationale.”

Timeline: How the Postal Service Data Breach Went Down

The timeline provides a fascinating look at how the federal government responds to cyber intrusions.

Todd Park, former chief technology officer of the US, prepares to testify on Capitol Hill in Washington. Security Back in the Spotlight

House Republicans say they remain concerned about the cybersecurity controls underpinning the online federal health exchange.

U.S. Postal Service letter carrier, Jamesa Euler, delivers mail, in Atlanta.

Hackers Possibly Copied Postal Employee Pay Records

About 100 servers and computer workstations were breached in the September intrusion.