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OPM says telework has increased despite appearances

Change in definition accounts for falling numbers; disparities in telework by pay grade remain.

House, Senate security bills differ on tech projects

Senators opt to provide only $362 million for visitor tracking program, $100 million less than the House.

OMB releases guide for guarding statistical data

Guidelines implement a 2002 law and establish uniform standards for protecting sensitive information.

Nurse Patricia Rose scans a barcode on a computer before dispensing medicine at the Baltimore VA Medical Center.

VA sets aside $20 million to handle latest data breach

Money to pay for credit monitoring will come out of cybersecurity budget, agency official says.

Lurita Doan testified for three hours before House panel Wednesday.

GSA chief spars with House panel Democrats

At hearing Wednesday, Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., calls for Lurita Doan's resignation.

Definition of 'telework,' measure of benefits still lacking

Many agencies don’t have a handle on how many employees actually work away from the office, and lack ways to quantify productivity gains.

Army, Air Force seek to go on offensive in cyber war

Services ask for technology industry’s help in launching attacks on enemy systems.

Former White House chief urges overhaul of congressional panels

Andrew Card, former Bush chief of staff and Transportation secretary, says agencies are mired in “bureaucracy” on Capitol Hill.

Army weighs using RFID network partially owned by Chinese firm

Radio frequency identification network in Pakistan would track shipments to American forces in Afghanistan.

Lawmakers weigh proposal to expand telework eligibility

Group representing managers argues they should have the final say in determining which employees can work away from the office.