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Air Force airmen at Barksdale Air Force Base update anti-virus software for units to assist in the prevention of cyberspace hackers.

Who Defends the Virtual Countries of Tomorrow?

Here’s why Estonia is the new frontline in the cyberwar of the future. By Patrick Tucker

Clinton: America Can Be Clean-Energy 'Superpower'

In speech, former Secretary of State chastised the "false choice debate" between the environment and the economy

Google Exec Named New Federal Chief Technology Officer

Megan Smith becomes third person to hold the title.

Wanted: Twitter-savvy Feds to Help OPM Get This Whole Social Media Thing

New projects aim to change how the agency communicates via social media.

Even Supreme Court Justices Cite 'Internet Facts' (Just Like the Rest of Us)

A new study finds that Supreme Court justices often cite briefs whose facts come from dubious sources.

A man wears an EEG cap and stares into a computer screen as part of an experiment with brain-computer interfacing.

Actual Telepathy Is One Step Closer to the Battlefield

Can you read my mind? Researchers announce first brain-to-brain communication without a surgical implant. By Patrick Tucker

What Does Alleged iCloud Hack Mean For Federal Agencies?

Federal employees could be uploading sensitive information when they work on their personally owned iPhones.

Why Congress Won't Help Jennifer Lawrence

Or the thousands of less famous women who've been unfairly victimized.

Is this the White House's farm team?

The White House’s Roster is Starting to Resemble Google’s List of Former Employees

Obama administration is looking to another pool of private-sector talent to boost the staff.