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NIST Official: Businesses Need to Take More Responsibility for Cybersecurity

The need for public-private collaboration on cybersecurity has been echoed by other cyber experts.

The X-37B, tucked inside the aerodynamic shell that will protect it on its way to space.

The Secret American Space Drone is Going Back Into Orbit

Nearly four launches in, we still don't know what it will be doing up there.

Judge Wants 'Rolling' Release of Clinton Emails

The State Department wants to put most of the Democratic front-runner's emails out in January, but a federal judge rejected that plan.

Vietnam veteran John Loosen, who lost a leg in Vietnam, shows off a new microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knee during a photo opportunity with his physical therapist Lindsay Martin, right, Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2010, at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

VA Wants Your Help Building Better Prosthetics

The aim of the project is to build a suite of special prosthetics and other state-of-the-art technologies to support wounded veterans in their day-to-day lives.

Single Sign-On For Government Applications Coming in Weeks

Citizens could soon manage most of their government accounts on one website.

The Navy experimental unmanned aircraft, the X-47B, does a fly by above the nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Navy Needs Help Making Sure Its Drones are Hack-Proof

Aerial weapons systems were not expected to become part of the so-called Internet of Things.

What the Pentagon Thought the Future of Cybersecurity Would Look Like in 2001

The agency forecasted things like touch screens and automated cyber defense.

Chris Christie: Edward Snowden Is a Criminal and NSA Fears Are 'Baloney'

The Republican governor and likely White House hopeful will accuse Hollywood and “civil-liberties extremists” of hijacking the NSA debate in a speech Monday.

Building a Robot in Your Garage? You Could Get a DARPA Contract in Less Than a Month

DARPA's new Robotics Fast Track effort aims to reduce the proposal-to-contract turnaround time to less than a month.

A bird hangs out in Lafayette Park, Washington, DC.

Congressman Wants Federal Buildings Outfitted with Bird-Friendly Features

The Federal Bird-Safe Buildings Act aims to reduce the number of birth deaths resulting from birds flying into federal buildings.