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Lawmaker presses OSC chief to hand over e-mails

Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., wants more information on any work-related messages Special Counsel Scott Bloch sent via a personal account.

A truck carries immigrants through Sasabe, Mexico on the way to a drop-off spot to cross the border into Arivaca.

Surveillance tower raises suspicion in border town

Some in Arivaca, Ariz., are convinced the Homeland Security Department equipment is there to watch them, rather than the border.

Ousted hurricane center chief defends request for new satellite

Head of NOAA says Bill Proenza was reassigned because he wasn’t showing good leadership.

Mobility of federal workers hinders data security

Recent Office of Management and Budget directive will require encryption of all sensitive data, whether it is being used or is at rest.

Privacy officials discuss government data breaches

Challenge of protecting data is changing as the federal workforce becomes more mobile with laptop computers and BlackBerry handheld devices, officials say.

Nicholson testifies in front of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs last year.

Veterans Affairs chief resigns

James Nicholson, 69, says he wants to return to the private sector.

Pentagon urged not to use ability to degrade GPS signals

It last happened in 1990; Bush administration has promised “uninterrupted access” to civilian GPS signals.

Pentagon still burdened with multiple back-office systems

Army official says service has 187 different financial management information systems.

Science, tech advocates eye increased federal resources

House and Senate appropriators are supporting substantial funding boosts to National Science Foundation education programs.