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From FITARA to FISMA Reform: 5 Key Tech Bills Passed by Congress in 2014

When it comes to a few key pieces of technology and cybersecurity legislation, the 113th Congress was surprisingly fruitful.

The Victorious War Museum is a Pyongyang museum.

How Will the U.S. Punish North Korea?

The U.S. has little economic leverage over North Korea without the help of Russia and China, but their support may be difficult to secure.

North Korean soldiers march at the military parade in 2013 in Pyongyang.

North Korea Is Experiencing a Full Internet Blackout

Is this what a “proportional response” to the Sony hack looks like?

Google Reveals Government Attempt to Scrub Alleged Prisoner Abuse

The search giant’s latest transparency reports offers granular detail about the takedown requests it receives from governments around the world.

North Koreans participate in a military parade in 2008 in Pyongyang.

Did North Korea Really Attack Sony Pictures?

It's too early to take the federal government at its word.

FCC Acts to Help Online Video Compete With Cable

The commission's plan to redefine TV would make it easier for online sites to offer popular channels.

Hackers Wreck Iron Plant Machinery, Spear ICANN Systems and Channel M.C. Hammer

Just another week in ThreatWatch, our regularly updated index of noteworthy data breaches.

The amphibious assault ship USS Makin Island, background, pulls alongside the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush in the Persian Gulf.

Navy’s $2.5B Plan for Shipboard Networks Hits Snag after GAO Partially Upholds Protest

GAO's action could further delay Navy's plans to upgrade the nation’s surface warship fleet.

Companies, such as Burberry, can teach the government a thing or two about digital transformations, says George Westerman, an MIT Sloan management researcher and author of “Leading Digital."

Becoming a Digital Master: A Conversation with George Westerman

Lessons on digital transformation from Nike, Burberry and Starbucks.

There’s Still No Governmentwide Definition of the Internet of Things

Key questions about the emerging technology remain unanswered, and the government is still firming up the basics.