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Industry group fears ID requirement could swamp background investigators

Agency handling the bulk of checks says that proposed change to acquisition rules would have little impact on backlog.

Sun Microsystems CEO pushes 'open source' government

Silicon Valley and the nation's capital have more in common than meets the eye, Scott McNealy says.

Survey: Agency programs to protect privacy inadequate

Interviews with members of the federal IT community indicate agencies are focusing on cyber security while privacy programs slip through the cracks.

OMB: Agency compliance with cybersecurity law improving

Study highlights oversight of contractor-run systems as an area that needs attention.

Agencies move toward routing calls over the Internet

Traditional land-based phone lines are being replaced by Voice over Internet Protocol.

E-passports to debut this summer

Recently, the State Department issued diplomatic electronic passports on a trial basis.

Homeland Security gets half of IT boost in Bush budget

Administration’s fiscal 2007 request would increase technology funding for DHS by 21 percent.

Focus on cybersecurity compliance called ineffective

Laws create piles of paperwork that tell little about actual state of security, says former chief information security officer at two Cabinet departments.

Survey: Employees with dependent care duties are better off teleworking

Freedom to work from home improves the job performance and morale of employees with such responsibilities, study finds.

Two Pentagon programs win information-sharing honors

Electronic cargo tagging program wins one of five awards from industry group.