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Nancy Pelosi: When Legislators Take on the CIA, 'They Come After You'

A powerful legislator on the costs of properly overseeing the intelligence community

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OPM Seeks IT Security Pros

The agency says it won’t lay off employees as part of its technology overhaul.

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Panel to Probe IRS Employee Who Took Data Home

Agency says six-year-old security breach did not risk identity theft and wouldn’t happen today.

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How Can the U.S. Know Its Secrets Are Safe?

Edward Snowden's critics say uncertainty about what he took is forcing officials to presume the worst.

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Inside the Boring but Crucial Federal Form That Gets Kids to College

The Obama administration has streamlined the financial aid application, but some students need more than a better website.

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No, Marijuana Drones Are Not Coming Soon

Flying beer will have to wait, too.

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Wide-Ranging Bill Seeks to Shine More Light on Lobbying and Regulatory Process

Legislation also would toughen financial disclosure rules for members of Congress and judges as well as improve public access to government documents.

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Navy Submarine Drones Will Predict the Weather Months In Advance

More subdrones, fewer satellites -- the future of weather prediction is changing faster than the weather. By Patrick Tucker

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Telework, Communication Key to Improving Employee Engagement, Federal Managers Say

Officials stress importance of listening to and acting on employee feedback.

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CIA Director: We Are Not Spying on Congress

John Brennan denies his agency was monitoring computers used by Senate staffers who were investigating its past interrogation practices.

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