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E-Government Successes: In Singapore, It Takes Just Minutes to File Your Taxes

The island nation has recently started launching a wave of innovative e-government programs.

Travelers wait in line to check in at a security checkpoint area at Midway International Airport.

TSA Wants to Tweet with Travelers

The DHS agency is looking for sources for a social media management contract.

Post-OPM Hack, An Opportunity to Retool Encryption

Redefining encryption in a more holistic manner can be done with the proper technologies and policies in place – even for something as old as a COBOL legacy.

The R5 Valkyrie robot might be the one.

The First Step on Mars Won’t Be Made By Humans, But By Robots

The space agency wants to use its R5 Valkyrie robot.

FCC Gives IBM Green Light to Operate New Cloud Services

FCC’s work with IBM plays an integral role in the agency’s modernization effort.

Assistant Secretary of Office of Cybersecurity and Communications National Protection and Programs Directorate at the Department of Homeland Security Andy Ozment

Committee Grills DHS Official over EINSTEIN's Failure to Prevent OPM Attack

Representatives asked about EINSTEIN, an intrusion detection system, and why the hack occurred with this system in place.

Video: The US Army's New Hoverbike

The military is taking a page from the Jetsons.

Pentagon Moves Ahead with Plan Allowing Personnel to Access Classified Info from Mobile Devices

The new mobile classified capability is one piece of the Pentagon’s Joint Information Environment plan.

State Department Visa System on the Mend After 2-Week Glitch

After a hardware problem stalled the Bureau of Consular Affairs' visa system, two-thirds of its posts are now able to issue visas, according to a press briefing Tuesday.