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What Really Grinds Federal IT Managers’ Gears? Try the Hiring Process

The CIO Council has just wrapped up a survey of the IT workforce about its frustrations with the federal hiring process.

The IRS Knows What Computer You Are Using -- and That Might Be a Good Thing

One counter-fraud measure the agency is piloting will capture identifying data from the PC used to file a tax return. Multiple returns from the same device could signal fraud.

Paying the Government Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Thanks to a newly unveiled partnership, the public can now make online payments using two popular digital wallet services, PayPal and Dwolla.

GSA Shops Around New Ways to Buy Tech

GSA's recent moves indicate the agency is searching for acquisition platforms that can keep up with new technology.

‘Data Science is a Team Sport': DJ Patil Spends First Day Pitching Silicon Valley on Joining Government

In its quest to get more data scientists into government, the Obama administration is likely to face stiff competition for talent from the private sector.

America Needs a New FOIA Overseer: Is it You?

The office in charge of monitoring governmentwide FOIA compliance and policy is looking for a new leader.

The Big Fix: Is Washington Ready for IT Reform?

From creating digital fix-it squads to promoting unorthodox methods of buying technology, the five in-depth stories in the ebook explore how the government and Congress are tackling IT reform and the forecast for success.

Justice, DHS Quarantine Smartphones Returning from Abroad

Malicious software may already have infected some phones and tablets.

Here’s What the White House’s First Chief Data Scientist Will Do

The White House is providing more details about the projects its first chief data scientist will work on.

Why Spending More Money Isn’t the Answer to Federal IT Failures

The solution to federal IT security breaches looks to not be more money, but rather IT asset management, a recently released study says.