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GSA upgrades purchasing Web site

New system allows buyers to search by category, which may shorten buying time.

Justice Department plans more labs focused on cyber crime

Attorney General John Ashcroft says department will add eight new forensic analysis centers.

NMCI officials refuse to release polling questions

Several experts say the poll would have more validity with an outside auditor.

Navy intranet chief says officials are targeting key problems

Outgoing Navy Marine Corps Intranet chief Rear Adm. Charles Munns says network officials are isolating and addressing high-priority complaints.

Officials defend Navy intranet satisfaction survey

Navy Marine Corps Intranet officials said it does not present a conflict of interest for the network’s contractor to conduct the customer satisfaction survey.

OMB sets new standards for e-government grades

Memo elaborates on standards for earning a green light on Bush administration's quarterly management scorecard.

IT training programs can be linked to form federal plan, report says

A report from the Office of Personnel Management recommends integrating numerous training programs in information technology at different agencies.

Tech companies procure federal experts for board slots

Companies that want a cut of federal IT dollars are looking for people who know how to do business with the federal government.