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FDA Hires Obama Campaigners to Track Its Social Media Reach

Agencies have been encouraged to track how their programs are received online.

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How Exactly GSA Plans to Provide 1 Desk for Every 2 Employees

DHS, Agriculture and HHS also tout their workplace savings, thanks to telework and other efforts.

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GPS Jammers Could Knock Out Signals in a Medium-Sized City

U.S. still has no defense against GPS jamming or spoofing.

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Everyone Agrees It Should Be Easier to Say How Much the Government Spends

DATA Act's proposed common codes and data standards win broad praise.

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Agency Heads Explain Their Use of Personal Email Accounts

Better training needed in records compliance at EPA, Energy, CFTC.

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Telling Citizens What Exactly Government Does Would Cost $100 Million

Bill’s sponsor says legislation would create ‘magnifying glass’ to root out waste.

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Snowden’s Background Check Deemed Inadequate

Contractor interviewed too few, says counterintelligence executive.

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Karl Rove-Backed Group Spoofs Obamacare Video Contest

Crossroads GPS submits an entry that doesn't really aim to promote the health care reform.

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Severe Droughts Aren’t Helping the US Raise the $300 Billion Needed to Fix its Water Delivery System

As climate change dries up water sources, the remaining infrastructure to deliver water is breaking down.

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The Federal Government Could Do More to Facilitate Global Travel

The government is trying to improve America’s attractiveness as a tourist destination by expediting visa procedures in emerging economies.

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