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The fully-integrated GOES-R satellite is shown in a clean room at a Lockheed Martin facility in Littleton, Colorado.

Delays Plague NOAA’s $11B Satellite Program

GOES-R has experienced developmental problems, inadequate contracting office support and other issues.

NSA Creates 'CareerBuilder' for Spies

Slated for launch in the fall, the new website will include a job exploration tool for applicants and will enable them to upload unclassified text that can be sent into NSA's classified network.

Government's Health Data Website Gets a Refresh

The site aims to make government health-related data sets more available to the public for analysis.

What Happens Now That the Patriot Act Has Expired?

Three of the law's controversial surveillance authorities have now expired. The two sides of the surveillance debate differ on what that means going forward.

Susannah Fox will be joining the U.S. health agency as chief technology officer.

‘Data Geek’ Takes Reins as HHS CTO

Susannah Fox joins a CTO shop known for its active and forward-thinking leadership.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

Rand Paul Gets Pressured to Block Any Last-Minute Patriot Act Renewal

Some surveillance critics want the White House contender to block any Patriot Act extension. Others hope he steps aside to allow one last vote on the Freedom Act.

Who Has the Best App in Government?

An FDA app used by food investigators to enter data while performing field inspections won "Best Business Investment."

Cyber Command Says New Mega-Contract Will Be Out by Fall

The Pentagon last week abandoned a $475 million job posting for cyberattack and network defense experts.

Video: How to Clear Roads with Open Data

Open data helps local governments in all seasons.

Watchdog Finds Glitches in Governmentwide Effort to Track Spending Consistently

Move to post spending numbers ignored some traditional management practices.