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BlackBerry's New Phone Reminds You How Great Hardware Keyboards Can Be

Other than the keyboard, you might not recognize it.

The 45th Space Wing, ... ]

Does the U.S. Military Need a Space Corps?

A proposal in Congress would create the first new uniformed service in 70 years, but it faces opposition from the Pentagon.

DOD Opts for Android for Classified Tablets

The tablets are modified versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

Nearly Half the World Uses Social Media, Report Says

More than 3 billion people are using hashtags.

Report: Don't Neglect Legacy IT While Waiting for the Cloud

Legacy systems need to be maintained even if agencies plan on migrating to cloud systems, according to a recent report.

How Could a Bill to Stop Sex Trafficking Be Controversial?

A bill designed to punish websites that facilitate sex trafficking could open up other online companies to lawsuits, critics say.

FCC to Spend Billions to Bring the Broadband to Rural America

The agency made it official at its August meeting.

Army Boosts Spending on Genetically Engineered Spider Silk for Body Armor, Underwear

What’s almost as tough as Kevlar, as flexible as silk, has the DNA of a spider but comes from a worm? Something the Army is looking to buy for as much as $1 million.

Here are Some New Ideas for Fighting Botnets

Liability for defensive measures, surging international cooperation and making government a good role model top the list.

NIH's Supercomputer Gets An Upgrade

NIH is using the CSRA's Biowulf cluster to study potential treatments for cancer, diabetes and other diseases.