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Are You Furloughed and in Need of a Job? Try a Start-Up.

A community of D.C.-area tech start-ups is here to help. And they love your resume.

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Gamblers and Hackers Alike Flock to Macau, the World's Casino Capital

Criminal theft or a heavy-handed spying? It's not clear.

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Defense CIO Takai Still on the Job

Acting Army CIO Krieger also not furloughed.

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Government Tweets Down Sharply During Shutdown

Employees running some of the governments most popular Twitter accounts have been furloughed.

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Commentary: Would the Government Have Shut Down Without Twitter?

The echo chamber at the heart of Washington's problems.

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Shutdown May Further Delay Nuclear Power Plant Approvals

Delays will set in if shutdown doesn't lift by Friday, officials say.

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Here's How Furloughed Feds Did Web Rage in '95

Furloughed employees and shutdown tourists were taking their anger online even then.

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Twitter’s IPO Avoids Delay: SEC Can Stay Open for Weeks Amid Shutdown

Twitter plans to make its IPO filing public this week.

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New York Wonders Where Nuclear Cleanup Funds Would Come From

State officials seek answers from the feds.

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