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CNN and FAA Team Up to Test Drones

The FAA is considering the technology that Amazon would use to deliver packages remotely.

OPM Gives Agencies Permission to Fast-Track Hiring of Digital Teams

Agencies will now have greater latitude to hire digital services experts on a temporary basis.

Obama spoke on precision drugs in January at the White House.

Washington's Interest in Precision Drugs is Innovation, Not Cost

As House, Senate, and White House attention shifts toward biomedical innovation, the high cost of specialty drugs remains unaddressed.

By Infusing Government Services with Tech, Sweden Aims to Bolster Social Welfare and Democracy

Some of the most popular government apps are those that let citizens manage and monitor their personal benefits, such as Social Security, parental leave and sick days.

Watchdog Questions HUD’s ‘Inconsistent’ IT Dashboard Data

Agency officials are still manually uploading information about the agency’s eight major IT projects to the IT Dashboard.

Lawmaker Wants to Connect More Federal Buildings to the Internet of Things

Under the bill, the energy secretary would learn from smart buildings in the private sector, and apply those practices to federal buildings.

DHS Scales Back License Plate-Tracking Surveillance

The new system, announced last month, will compile license plate records from "at least 25 states" instead of all states.

A rider picks out a bike at a Capital Bikeshare station in Washington, DC.

What Capital Bikeshare’s Busiest Bike Says About Open Data

Capital Bikeshare releases a plethora of data about its bike fleet. Developers have done some surprising things with the data.

US CIO Tony Scott Says Federal IT is Now a ‘Contact Sport.’ Here’s the Rulebook.

New OMB guidance aims to break down barriers that have sprouted up between IT decision-makers and other agency officials.

 The White House’s first chief data scientist, DJ Patil

Why People Who Put ‘Data Scientist’ on Their LinkedIn Profiles Earn More Money

As the White House’s first chief data scientist, DJ Patil explains the growing importance of his field during his speech at the National Science Foundation.