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Is Your Agency Ready to Solve Its Problems?

A Stanford faculty member says agencies need a specific infrastructure to support innovation programs.

Survey: 42% of Feds Say Increasing Workloads Merit More Automation

More than 75 percent of respondents said they spend at least a quarter of their workday on tedious administrative tasks.

GAO Denies Equifax Bid Protest on IRS Contract

In its ruling, GAO said Equifax’ contentions were “unreasonable,” allowing IRS to move forward on a contract with Experian.

DHS to Order Agencies Implement Email, Website Encryption Tools

Agencies must implement DMARC and STARTTLS within three months, according to the DHS order.

U.S. Government Agencies are Buying Ads On Facebook—In Russian

Voice of America spends tens of thousands of dollars on Facebook ads.

House Bill Would Allow Companies to Hack Back—With Limits

The bill would let hacked companies steal back or destroy their files but not cause exact retribution on hackers.

FirstNet Seeks Disaster Response Apps

Developers can submit their emergency response-themed apps for review for the networks' app store.

IRS Suspends $7 Million Equifax Contract

The suspension comes after additional security incidents at Equifax.

DHS Nominee Would Be Agency’s First Homegrown Cyber Leader

Kirstjen Nielsen would be the agency's first secretary with extensive cyber experience.

Trump’s Tech Office Wants More Short-Term Talent

The Office of American Innovation could model its recruitment efforts after Obama-era tech programs.