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 Looking out from inside the enormous mouth of NASA's giant thermal vacuum chamber, located at NASA's Johnson Space Center, the test model of the James Webb Space Telescope's backplane is seen sliding in on the rails.

Video: The Closest You Can Get to Space Without Leaving Earth

Where the extreme cold of space can be found in Houston, Texas.

Buzz Aldrin speaks on the campus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2014.

Buzz Aldrin Wants to Colonize Mars

He says he has a "master plan" to colonize the planet by 2039.

Court Overturns Ruling Against NSA Surveillance Program

The bulk-collection program was reined in earlier this summer when Congress passed the USA Freedom Act.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson

Can US Cyber Nerve Center Hold Onto Its New Leaders?

"Churn over there within DHS has been problematic," says departed official.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter

Pentagon Partners with Silicon Valley on 'Flexible Electronics'

The Defense Department plans to invest $171 million on the initiative.

Why More Agencies Tap Twitter to Recruit New Talent

Social media can be a helpful tool for federal agencies looking to recruit top talent, a new report says.

Apple Watches appear on display, Friday, April 10, 2015, in New York.

Q&A: The Future of Wearables in Government

The future for wearables in government looks bright, but only with the necessary security measures.

Why Federal CIO Tony Scott Hates the End-of-Year IT Spending Spree

"That's just a really bad way to run IT,” says one of the Obama administration's top techies.

Feds Urge Energy Companies to Ramp Up Cyber Protections

NIST wants utilities companies to keep people from gaining unauthorized access to buildings, networks, data and control systems, potentially triggering power outages.

Budgeteers Join Forces Online to Get More Bang for the Buck

How MAX Federal Community boosts cross-agency collaboration.