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Q&A: Why Congress is Jumping on the Open Source Bandwagon

Ben Balter, chief executive for code repository site Github, talked with Nextgov about last week's announcement.

Why Americans Don’t Trust the Government to Safeguard Their Data

Many consumers do not have much faith in federal agencies keeping their personal information safe, according to a new report.

A chart of data breaches is shown on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, June 16, 2015, as witnesses testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform committee's hearing on the Office of Personnel Management data breach.

After the OPM Breach, It’s Time for IT Organizations to be Accountable

Modernized technology and formal standards like FISMA won’t be enough -- mindsets must change, too.

DHS Alerts Public to OPM-Related Phishing Scams

Emails claiming to come from the agency and contractor CSID might be after money, U.S. secrets or both, say experts.

VA CIO: OPM Breach Is a Lesson for All Employees

VA defends against 55,000 new malware variants every day, according to the agency.

Is the White House Skirting Governmentwide Cybersecurity Rules?

The White House’s unclassified networks were breached by hackers last fall.

Migrating to the Cloud in Six Easy Steps

Forget the comprehensive plan. Keep it simple.

No, agencies don't really a "big data" button. Yet.

Data-Driven Government? Not Yet. Feds Still Manage by Hunch

In a true data-driven culture, leaders need to be willing to rethink their plans and perhaps even change course based on what the data says, according to EPA CTO Greg Godbout.

 Clinton delivers remarks at the Partnership Meeting on Wildlife Trafficking in 2012.

Hillary Clinton's Email Address at State Was in High Demand

A new batch of State Department emails shows that some powerful Washingtonians quickly got Clinton's private email address—and others were eager to get it.

Why Chief Data Officers Should Really be Chief Digital Officers

Having a chief data officer is akin to the Army having a chief bullet officer or hospitals having a chief bandage officer.