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Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

Rand Paul Gets Pressured to Block Any Last-Minute Patriot Act Renewal

Some surveillance critics want the White House contender to block any Patriot Act extension. Others hope he steps aside to allow one last vote on the Freedom Act.

Who Has the Best App in Government?

An FDA app used by food investigators to enter data while performing field inspections won "Best Business Investment."

Cyber Command Says New Mega-Contract Will Be Out by Fall

The Pentagon last week abandoned a $475 million job posting for cyberattack and network defense experts.

Video: How to Clear Roads with Open Data

Open data helps local governments in all seasons.

Watchdog Finds Glitches in Governmentwide Effort to Track Spending Consistently

Move to post spending numbers ignored some traditional management practices.

CIO: FITARA 'Won't Change A Lot' at DHS

DHS CIO Luke McCormack said the legislation would only force CIOs to get more involved in the planning phase of major at decisions.

What Government Will Look Like in 2020

Your chance to share ideas on technology and the government of tomorrow.

DARPA Wants Technology That Could Help Troops See Through Walls

Light particles used to create photographs carry lots of information about their surroundings, but traditional imaging systems only gather a fraction of it, according to DARPA.

Other Agencies Use Same Log-on Procedures as Exploited IRS Site

The IRS hack is raising questions about once tried-and-true identity-protection measures.

The Best Pages on Some Campaign Websites are the Ones That Are Not There

Presidential candidates obsess over every aspect of their public images—even things like 404 pages.