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White House Artifacts to Be Digitized Using Amazon Web Services

The White House Historical Association is building a virtual tour app for the White House.

The Mars Robot Making Decisions on Its Own

Thanks to artificial-intelligence software, the Curiosity rover can target rocks without human input.

Jim Blesse, standing, from the Office of Naval Research (ONR), explains project BlueShark to Lt. Col. John Moore from the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory.

From Word Processors to Cloud Computing: 40 Years of Tech at Department of the Navy

It's come a long ways from 300 baud modems and original IBM PCs.

GSA Seeks Blockchain Solutions

The technology would help speed up proposal review.

Nextgov Event: The White House Office of American Innovation's Priorities

Matt Lira, special assistant to the president for innovation, will clarify the office’s role in government.

 Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, wants to make it harder for the Chinese to invest in U.S. technology development, including in companies developing artificial intelligence.

How Not to Win an AI Arms Race With China

A lawmaker’s proposal to curb Chinese investment in U.S. artificial-intelligence firms has more than a few critics.

Agencies Are a Step Closer to Creating Their Own Siri

Siri, Alexa and Facebook chatbots might soon be handling common customer service roles in government.

Trump Asks Tech Companies: How Can Government Help You?

As "tech week" continues, companies selling drones and other emerging technology briefed the White House on their challenges.

Trump: There Are (Probably) No Tapes

The president admits he never had any recordings of conversations with James Comey, but his idle threat has already set off a catastrophic chain reaction.

4 Internet Crimes Trends to Know

The crime may be virtual, but the losses are not.