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It's Getting Easier to Find Records of Meetings Between Feds and Lobbyists

Transparency group praises reformatted database.

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Why Data Sharing Is the Future of Government

Communication across all levels of government will be key to effective operations and services.

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HHS Secretary to be Replaced by OMB Chief

Kathleen Sebelius to resign in wake of failed launch.

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The Most Valuable Management Degree Doesn’t Exist

To make organizations more effective, we need data-driven leaders.

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The Navy Just Turned Seawater Into Jet Fuel

Researchers announce a major breakthrough, but don’t go filling your F-18 with ocean water just yet. By Patrick Tucker

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Innovation Lessons Down Under

How the Australian Public Service built an institutional framework that empowers change.

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Could Social Media Help Catch Abuse of Disability Benefits?

IG calls for pilot program to help uncover Social Security fraud.

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New Piloting System for Drone Cargo Helicopters Passes Test Flight

A new piloting program that can fly drone supply helicopters with an app just passed a key test flight. By Patrick Tucker

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Did the USAID Cuban Twitter Debacle 'Taint All USAID Employees as Spies?'

Sen. Patrick Leahy asked if that was the case at an appropriations hearing Tuesday.

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Teaching Machines How to Spell Will Help Catch Terrorists

It’s time anti-terrorism technology move beyond finding ways to replace humans and start finding ways to work with us. By David Murgatroyd

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