House Lawmakers Renew Efforts to Limit NSA 'Backdoor' Spying

Measure passed the House earlier this year with major bipartisan support, but was cut out of ongoing funding negotiations.

Read moreDecember 5, 2014Leave a comment Carolyn Kaster/AP file photo

With New Policy, DOD Components Won’t Need DISA to Buy Cloud Services


The new guidance overrides two previous memorandums that charged DISA with assessing the security of commercial cloud service offerings.

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Get Ready for a More Efficient, Flexible FedRAMP


GSA's two-year road map presents a concrete plan for the future of FedRAMP.

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Nextgov A poster for the movie "The Interview" is carried away by a worker after being pulled from a display case at a Carmike Cinemas movie theater, Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014.

Sony Cancels Release of 'The Interview' Amid Sony Hack Fears

Hackers warned of 9/11-scale violence if the film's release was not canceled, according to multiple reports.


British Police Are Going Robocop

British bobbies may soon be ditching caps and tunics for a striking new digital look that includes a robotic exoskeleton and Google Glass.


Google: 2015 Will Be the 'Moment' to Reform NSA Spying

Despite a crushing defeat this year, the search giant is already preparing for 2015 to push surveillance reform in Congress.


Santa Claus and the Surveillance State

It's not just the Elf on the Shelf; children have been taught for centuries that dangerous authorities are watching and judging them.


America's Holiday Lights Can Be Seen from Space

They're especially bright in the suburbs, says NASA.


Facebook Wants to Connect the Whole World to the Internet. Here’s Why That’s a Problem.

“It’s not as if anybody asked two-thirds of humanity whether they wanted to be put online.”


Do Kids Really Care About STEM Education?

Just because the students love using their devices to connect with friends, this does not necessarily mean they want school involved in their circuitry.


Should Agencies Ever Let Hackers Rummage through Government Networks?

USPS, State and the White House, during recent breaches, had golden opportunities to stalk adversaries.

Nextgov IBM's Watson computer

VA Turns to IBM Watson to Improve Veteran Care

The pilot program could show how cognitive computing systems can distill complex data sets into useful information.


Tech Giants Join Microsoft's Privacy Fight Against Justice Department

Apple, Amazon, Verizon, AT&T and others want to keep the U.S. using search warrants to seize private data stored overseas.