How Solar Power Can Protect the U.S. Military From Threats to the Electric Grid

Military bases usually get their electricity from the civilian grid, which is vulnerable to attack and to disaster. Solar-powered microgrids could protect national security, and would save money.

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‘Cyber Defense Is Very Much About Political Decisions’

When European defense ministers played a tabletop cyber defense exercise, things got hard very quickly.

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Veterans Affairs CIO Stepping Down


After another high-profile departure, there are 11 acting CIOs across the 24 CFO Act agencies.

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Congress Tackles Data Breaches, Russian Meddling and IT Modernization

Lawmakers will address cybersecurity concerns at two major agencies this week.


DHS Commercializes Two Nature-Themed Cyber Products

It’s the first time two products have been simultaneously licensed to the same company through the Transition to Practice Program.

Nextgov A K5 robot made by Knightscope, Inc. interacts with customers at the Westfield Valley Fair shopping center.

These 'Robocops' Can Detect Weapons

Spot them on patrol at the mall and airport.


The Air Force Will Dole Out $1 Billion for Cloud Migration

Dell EMC, General Dynamics and Microsoft teamed to win a big Air Force contract.

Nextgov Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

What Facebook Told Congress Suggests its Russian Ad Problem Could Be Bigger Than it Looks

Some Congress members, however, believe that the company has yet to quantify the full scope of the problem.


The Network of Tomorrow Can Drive Cost Savings and Better Performance

Intent-based networking may be the future of federal IT.


Swiss Researchers Invent Way to Let Mini Drones See in the Dark

Future drones will see as the human eye does, helping to navigate dark rooms.


You're Turning Off Wi-fi and Bluetooth Wrong

You could still be connected and not know it.


What’s Blockchain’s Role In The Public Good?

A nonprofit partnership is looking for ways the decentralized ledger system can benefit society.

Nextgov HackerOne Co-founder Jobert Abma (left) with Jack Cable (right) in July.

Meet the 17-Year-Old Who Hacked the U.S. Air Force

Chicago high school senior Jack Cable moonlights as an ethical hacker.