Digital Swat Team Director: Don't Expect Us to Change Your Life Overnight

Transformation of culture doesn’t happen in "bursts or epiphanies," head of 18F says.

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Edward Snowden: The Tweeting Habits of a Whistleblower in Exile

What his tweeting tells us about his life in Russia.

State Dept. Wants To Map All Wireless Devices Within a 10-Foot Zone


The system could detect Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular devices operating in embassies, consulates and other State buildings.


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Hackers Spy on US Steel from China, Steal from Facebook Server, and Fiddle with Global Financial System

Just another week in ThreatWatch, our regularly updated index of noteworthy data breaches.


Elon Musk’s AI Group Has Set Up a 'Gym' to Train Bots

OpenAI Gym is meant to be used as a benchmarking tool for artificial intelligence programs.


You Can't Escape Data Surveillance In America

The Fair Credit Reporting Act was intended to protect privacy, but its provisions have not kept pace with the radical changes wrought by the information age.


How the Digital Transformation Will Upend the Pentagon

DOD is one of the most complex and widespread organizations in the world, but in today’s battlespace, embracing digitization helps pull together all aspects of defense.


Siemens Is Building a Swarm of Robot Spiders to 3-D Print Objects Together

Current technology won’t allow us to make anything larger than the printing machines themselves. That could soon change.


The Supreme Court Expands FBI Hacking Powers

The justices signed off Thursday on a new procedural rule for warrants targeting computers.

Nextgov Flat design vector , ... ]

Introducing the New FITARA Channel

The new addition will cover the ins and outs of Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act policymaking.

Nextgov Pentagon CIO Terry Halvorsen

Pentagon CIO in Hot Seat Over Windows 10 'Endorsement'

Halvorsen’s remarks in support of the Microsoft operating system are “unprecedented,” according to one trade group.


What’s Your ‘Insider Threat Score?’ It Could Determine If You Keep Your Clearance

The idea is to regularly vet individuals with access to classified information on their likelihood to go rogue, officials say.