OPM to Charge Agencies for Services Offered to Hack Victims

Agencies will have to scramble to find fiscal 2015 funding.

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White House Grievance Portal Gets Upgraded


The White House will now aim to respond within 60 days.

HHS On the Lookout for a Deputy CIO


The deputy CIO will help coordinate the department's cloud strategy, among other responsibilities.


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Nextgov The fully-integrated GOES-R satellite is shown in a clean room at a Lockheed Martin facility in Littleton, Colorado.

10 Years After Katrina, NOAA Preps for Launch of Powerful New Weather Satellites

The first Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-R series will produce “30 times the data at five times the rate and twice the resolution” of the current crop of geostationary satellites.


4 Steps to Boost Records Management Practices

Federal employees and managers aren't confident about what actually constitutes a record.

Protesters during a rally against mass surveillance in Washington in 2013.

Obama Administration Dismisses Online Petition Requesting Snowden Pardon

The White House has been responding to "We the People" petitions Tuesday


Why Identity-Theft Protection Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Victims of data breaches are still vulnerable even with identity theft protection.


Watchdog: Water, Power on Pentagon Installations Need Better Protection Planning

Better planning could help DOD protect its utilities from cyberattack and unexpected storms, a GAO report said.


Census Wants Employees Prepared for Phishing Attacks

The training program is meant to make sure the bureau’s employees are armed with the appropriate knowledge and skill set to defend themselves against future attacks.

Nextgov Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore.

DOJ Refuses to Release Secret Cybersecurity Memo

Sen. Ron Wyden says the memo is crucial to the Senate's upcoming cybersecurity debate.


The Slow Death of Google Plus

The tech giant announced it will be slicing out its social network from the rest of its services.

TSA posts photos of guns -- like this one found in baggage at McCarran International Airport in early July -- found by agents on Instagram.

TSA's Instagram Account is a Must-Follow

The Transportation Security Administration's stream features grenades, knives and birds stuffed in socks.