Uber’s War on Lyft Could Prompt Federal Investigation

The ride-share service’s apparent attempts to sabotage its competitors might become red meat for the Federal Trade Commission or state attorneys general.

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Beware the Risks of Government Data Center Consolidation


Federal data center consolidation has its share of benefits -- and challenges.

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Is There a Better Way to Measure Earthquakes?

USGS' logarithmic magnitude scale is confusing to many, but it's here to stay.

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Hackers Score IDs of S. Korean Population, Roil New Zealand Election and Drain Norwegian Oil

Just another week in ThreatWatch, our regularly updated index of noteworthy data breaches.


Obama Resurrects Intel Advisory Panel

President Obama named six new members to the board -- including the CEO of UPS.

Nextgov Todd Park, the soon-to-be former U.S. chief technology officer

As Todd Park Becomes Top Tech Recruiter, What's Next for CTO Role?

Park’s departure leaves a job opening in Washington -- one with unclear requirements.


CRS: Cops Can Get Kitchen and Lawn Care Gear from DOD

The Pentagon is a good source of gear far beyond the MRAP.


Inside Google's Secret Drone-Delivery Program

For two years, the company has been working to build flying robots that can deliver products across a city in a minute or two.

Nextgov Google VP Megan Smith

Obama’s Next Technology Guru May Be This Staunch Supporter of Women in Tech

Smith has been a vocal supporter of women in technology, including the industry’s need to celebrate the “lost history” of little-known female tech pioneers and companies need to set diversity goals.

Nextgov Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee

Sen. Feinstein Pushes to Delay Release of CIA Torture Report

The classified torture report will come out only on her timeline.