White House: Don’t Ask Us About Hillary Clinton’s Email Use

Josh Earnest said Tuesday that it’s up to the State Department to handle how its employees use email correspondence to conduct official work.

Read moreMarch 3, 2015Leave a comment Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

Senate Offices Want New System to Track Website Vulnerabilities


The Senate wants commercial, off-the-shelf software to scan, identify and help resolve vulnerabilities across 140 different Senate office websites.

EXCLUSIVE: Energy Department Gets New CIO


Michael Johnson, an official with the White House science office, is stepping into the role.


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FISMA by the Number: The Biggest Cyber Threats at These 5 Agencies

Cybersecurity incidents targeting federal agencies are on the rise.


Time is Running Out to Reform NSA Mass Surveillance

Nearly two years after Edward Snowden’s explosive revelations, surveillance reform remains in doubt as the window of opportunity closes.

Nextgov Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

More Security Fears Surround Clinton’s 'Homebrew' Email Server

“Clinton's decision to forgo the State Department's servers is inexplicable and inexcusable,” says one security expert.

The FCC Has Ruled on Net Neutrality; Do States Get a Say?

How much states can get involved has a lot to do with whether the FCC decides broadband inherently crosses state lines.

Clinton speaks in 2011 at a State Department event.

Clinton Mum on Email Controversy, Hits Republicans Instead

The soon-to-be presidential candidate stayed on message in her Tuesday night address at an EMILY's List event.

How the State Department Is Defending Hillary Clinton's Personal Email Use

The former department chief is largely letting her former colleagues handle the controversy.


Rollout of New CIO Powers Could be 'Uneven,' DOJ CIO Says

At a recent conference, Justice Department Chief Information Officer Joe Klimavicz said some agencies will be quicker to enact the federal IT reform.


Were Clinton's Personal Emails an Open Door to Hackers?

Beyond the transparency concerns, security experts wonder whether the former secretary of state’s emails were protected from foreign hackers.


Why US Officials Stopped Talking about 'Cyberwar'

A future awaits where countries share intelligence one minute, and hack and cyberattack each other the next.


What Clinton's Email Habits Reveal About Federal Records Laws

Federal regulations don’t outright ban the use of personal email accounts to conduct official government business.