Consumer Bureau's Complaint Site Draws a Complaint of Its Own

Financial Services Roundtable launches campaign against 'one-sided' website.

Read moreAugust 18, 2014Leave a comment Flickr user Adam Fagen

Passport Officers Are No Better at Performing Photo ID Checks Than You Are

Familiar faces are very easy for humans to identify, but faces we’ve never seen before are extremely difficult to match up to a photograph.

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Uber Snags Former Obama Campaign Guru

David Plouffe will head the ride-sharing company’s policy team.

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Nextgov  A scene from the video game, "Call of Duty: Ghosts." The game is a first-person shooter and features interactive maps.

Gaming and GIS: Working with a Virtual World

Tech pros searching for a GIS gig, look no further.


Pakistan Railway Site Breached by Indian Hacktivists

The infiltration purportedly was payback for graffiti on India’s websites.

Nextgov Ukrainian emergency workers carry a victim's body in a bag, at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 near the village of Hrabove, eastern Ukraine

DNA-Matching Androids to Help ID 600 MH17 Bodies and Remains

Unknown whether there will be enough genetic evidence to name all 298 passengers.


Making Agile Real: How a Virtual Approach Boosts Federal Efficiency

An innovative take on data management could result in better access to higher-quality data.

Nextgov 2nd Lt. Oliver Parsons, left, and 1st Lt. Andy Parthum check systems in the underground control room at an ICBM launch control facility near Minot, N.D., in June.

Key Targeting Tech for Future U.S. Nuclear Missile Has Gone Unfunded

The move may delay Minuteman 3 replacement effort or fail to meet warfighter accuracy standards.


Google Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

Predictive analysis combs through calendars and search histories—and gets in the way of routine self-deception.


TV Stations Sue FCC Over Plan to Auction Broadcast Licenses

The cell-phone industry hopes the lawsuit won't delay the auction of valuable airwaves.

Nextgov  Los Angeles Police officer wearing an on-body camera.

Even When Police Do Wear Cameras, Don't Count on Seeing the Footage

Police officers in San Diego have started wearing body cameras, but the department routinely denies requests for the video.

Nextgov While Flight Engineer Alexander Skvortsov retrieves hardware inside the International Space Station's Pirs airlock, Flight Engineer Oleg Artemyev stretches his legs.

Russian Astronaut Throws Satellite Into Space for Peru

The satellite will take infrared photos of the Earth for Peru.


New VA Bill Chops Tuition Costs

Calls for in-state tuition rates for all post-9/11 GI Bill vets