OPM to Charge Agencies for Services Offered to Hack Victims

Agencies will have to scramble to find fiscal 2015 funding.

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Air Force Looks To Make Smarter and Deadlier Drones

The Reaper's next chapter includes better sensors, more autonomy, bigger weapons

NASA Wants to Experiment With Drones That Can Fly in Space

The agency wants robots that can fly to places its rovers can’t reach.

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FDA Approves First 3-D Printed Drug

Pharmaceutical company Aprecia says 3-D printing will allow doctors to know the medicine they’re prescribing delivers the exact dose intended.


Two-Factor Is Better Than One: Celebrating Progressive Government IT

The U.S. government is putting in place both immediate and long-term steps to drastically enhance data security.

Nextgov Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

Still No Deal on Senate Cybersecurity Bill

Senators have not reached an agreement that would allow them to add amendments to a cyberinformation-sharing bill in exchange for quickening its passage.

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The Internet of Things: Is Your Agency Program Ready?

The IoT brings more capability and risk.


US Officials Warn That Medical Devices Are Vulnerable to Hackers

This new vulnerability could enable hackers to change the dosage of critical medicines.


Census Plans 2016 Test Run to Experiment with New Tech Tools

Census is rolling out a handful of new options in 2020 designed to upgrade the decennial headcount for the digital age.

DHS Issues a Warning About the Senate's Cyber Bill

Homeland Security said Monday that the Senate's plan would "sweep away important privacy protections."

Nextgov Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn.

DHS Issues a Big Warning About the Senate's Cyber Bill

DHS said Monday the Senate's cyberinformation-sharing bill would "sweep away important privacy protections."


NASA Searches for Link Between Electromagnetic Pulses and Earthquakes

Last week, NASA launched a challenge to determine whether there is a connection between electromagnetic signals and earthquakes.


Watchdog: Privacy Laws Aren't Keeping Up with Facial Recognition Technology

In a new report, GAO warns consumers that existing federal privacy laws do not expressly limit how businesses can use images of their faces.