White House CIO’s Former Software Firm Settles False Claims Act Suit

VMware and Carahsoft agree to pay $75 million for overcharging agencies.

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Senator Wants Watchdog to Poke Around for More Flaws in OPM’s Security Clearance Systems


A legislator said he wants the IG to have “unfettered access” to OPM's security clearance system.

Federal Researchers Developing New Spoof-Proof Email Security System


The goal is to build an email encryption system, and then demonstrate to federal agencies and businesses how they can use it.


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Nextgov Arnold Schwarzenegger arrives at the LA Premiere of "Terminator Genisys" at Dolby Theater on Sunday, June 28, 2015.

Video: This Organization Wants to Stop Killer Robots

Fifty NGOs have banded together to create a campaign to encourage governments to act now to prevent dangerous autonomous machines in the future.


DOE Lab Asks Industry: How Can We Secure the Internet of Things?

A better authentication system could protect home appliances and drones, according to a new solicitation for industry partners.

Nextgov Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

India Prime Minister has Big Plans for Nationwide Digital Programs

India's prime minister wants to reboot the country's digital infrastructure.


DHS Launches Federal Government's First FOIA App

The app is designed to make it easier for the public to request government documents under the Freedom of Information Act.


Tech Tools That Let You Get Closer to Sharks

A roundup of apps, websites and livecams that will get you close—but not too close—to hammerheads, great whites and other ocean beasts.


Post-Breach, Interior Has Mandated Computer Users Sign On with Smart Cards

The majority of individuals with high-level control over Interior data and networks needed only a password to log in.


Should Google Ever Lie to Us?

Search-engine architects must decide when their creations should act as a kind of expert and when they should neutrally direct people to what they are seeking.

Nextgov National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden appears on a live video feed broadcast from Moscow at an event sponsored by the ACLU Hawaii in Honolulu.

Eric Holder: The 'Possibility Exists' Edward Snowden Could Come Home

“I certainly think there could be a basis for a resolution that everybody could ultimately be satisfied with,” the former attorney general said.

The White House is Making it Easier to Power Homes With Solar Energy

The administration’s new executive actions and private sector commitments are aimed at boosting solar power.


New HHS CTO Wants Employees to Devote Time to Passion Projects

In her first month as CTO, Susannah Fox proposed the department structure time for employee-driven creative projects in each operating division.