OPM to Charge Agencies for Services Offered to Hack Victims

Agencies will have to scramble to find fiscal 2015 funding.

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NSA to Purge Mass Surveillance Phone Data Collected

"Analytic access" to those records, which go back five years, will end on November 29, 2015, and they will be destroyed three months later.


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Nextgov The National Security Agency's Data Center in Bluffdale, Utah.

NSA to Purge Database of Phone Records Collected Under Mass Surveillance

“As soon as possible, NSA will destroy the Section 215 bulk telephony metadata upon expiration of its litigation preservation obligations.”

Nextgov Navy Submarine USS Topeka

Navy Man Allegedly Staged Photo Shoot Inside Classified Nuke Sub

The machinist’s mate then hammered the evidence to smithereens and shot his laptop.

Nextgov An illustration of NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter as it makes its way around the moon.

Video: How to Drive a Lunar Spacecraft

It's more difficult than mastering the stick shift.

Nextgov President Barack Obama, left, talks with Jon Stewart, host of "The Daily Show" during a taping on Tuesday, July 21, 2015.

Obama Talks Federal IT on ‘Daily Show”

The commander in chief discussed the wave of Silicon Valley tech talent invading government, challenges in IT procurement and how better IT can lead to better federal customer service.


USDA Teams Up with Microsoft on Food Data Challenge

The newly launched Innovation Challenge aims to inspire the public to create tech tools for analyzing food supply data.


Here's What Its Like to Pilot a Giant Fighting Robot

MegaBots was founded by three engineers who didn’t want to use their skills to go work for another large tech firm in the valley.


ID Theft Prevention Might Not Protect OPM Hack Victims, Top Democrat Says

Experts advise those affected learn how to spot deception in emails, phone calls and social interactions.


Hackers Take Aim at Census Employees, Compromise CVS Photo Customers, and Snoop on Epic Gamers

Just another week in ThreatWatch, our regularly updated index of noteworthy data breaches.


Could a Free Tool Have Stopped the OPM Hack? (And How to Get One for Yourself)

Created by two nonprofit companies, this software is completely free, can be used by anyone, and is actually pretty good at generating real, actionable intelligence.


Government Hacked Yet Again. It's About Time Federal Cybersecurity Became a National Issue

The aftermath of the OPM hack, with all its humiliating details of ignored warnings, has shown the federal government is both stubbornly slow to fix mistakes and woefully understaffed with cybersecurity experts.