Uber’s War on Lyft Could Prompt Federal Investigation

The ride-share service’s apparent attempts to sabotage its competitors might become red meat for the Federal Trade Commission or state attorneys general.

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Actual Telepathy Is One Step Closer to the Battlefield

Defense One

Can you read my mind? Researchers announce first brain-to-brain communication without a surgical implant. By Patrick Tucker

What Does Alleged iCloud Hack Mean For Federal Agencies?


Federal employees could be uploading sensitive information when they work on their personally owned iPhones.


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OK, Feds -- Go Ahead and Edit Wikipedia

Wikimedia DC says you make good editors because you know a lot.

Why Congress Won't Help Jennifer Lawrence

Or the thousands of less famous women who've been unfairly victimized.

Nextgov Former Google executive Megan Smith

Next CTO Reportedly Waiting for Security Clearance

Google exec Megan Smith said to be the White House’s top choice.


Federal Network Security: 4 Easy Steps to Get the Basics Right

With so many resources focused on preventing the next big security threat, are agencies vulnerable to the rest of the threats out there?


Smartphone ‘Kill Switch’ Law: Who Gets to Shut Off Devices?

Is there a better way to talk about a feature that will allow cellphones to be shut down remotely?


Hiring a Developer? Don’t Do These 5 Things

Without changing anything about your applicant pool, you can hire different people and your company will do better.


White House Staff List a Who’s Who of Former Google Employees

The Obama administration is looking to a pool of private-sector talent for people willing to bring their professional expertise to new jobs with the government.


Apple Launches Investigation Into Celebrity iCloud Hack

The tech company is scrambling to do damage control.


GSA’s McClure to Lead Cloud Strategy at Private Firm

The new role will put him in familiar territory, working with federal and state agencies to develop cloud computing strategies.

Is this the White House's farm team?

The White House’s Roster is Starting to Resemble Google’s List of Former Employees

Obama administration is looking to another pool of private-sector talent to boost the staff.