Despite Obama’s Pledge to Curb It, NSA Mass Surveillance Wins Rubber Stamp

Mass surveillance just earned another 90-day blank check, nine months after President Obama promised to rein in the NSA’s spying powers.

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Not Just Silicon Valley: Feds Have a Gender Tech Gap, Too


Here's what the government can do as an employer to get its house in order.

Mikey Dickerson: No Paper Pushing at US Digital Service


The head of the U.S. Digital Service is taking a fix-it first approach to his office.

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EXCLUSIVE: New Aims to Consolidate Your Passwords, other federal sites will accept universal credentials starting this fall.


VA Lays Groundwork for Private Health Care

The agency wants the private sector to manage a key part of project.


White House Introduces New Class of Innovation Fellows

Private sector whizzes to spend a year on government problems.


Who Didn’t Win a Piece of This Army Infosec Deal?

The winners include 11 large firms tapped for $5 billion in contracts and 10 small ones whose slice of the pie is valued at $2.1 billion.


FBI's Facial-Recognition Technology Goes Live

Next-gen facial-recognition technology has arrived, despite concerns from privacy groups.

Nextgov Todd Park, former U.S. chief technology officer

Lawmakers Seek Todd Park Subpoena Over Security

Panel charges White House involvement in Obamacare website woes.


At These Tech Companies, the Biggest Office Perk is Getting Rid of the Office

Allowing employees to work from anywhere makes it easier to focus on the work itself.


What is the NYPD Doing on Twitter?

New York's Police Department is getting training on how to gain followers and influence on Twitter.

Nextgov Employees at AmigoCloud, one of the GovTech Fund's portfolio companies, hard at work.

First of its Kind Venture Capital Fund Pumps Millions into GovTech Startups

The GovTech Fund has raised $23 million and invested in four companies.

Nextgov White House CTO Megan Smith

What Kind of CTO Will Megan Smith Be?

Former Googler Megan Smith said she’ll take an expansive view of technology in her new role.