Clinton Won't Hand Over Server, Says Emails Are Gone

Benghazi panel Chairman Gowdy complains she "unilaterally decided to wipe her server clean."

Read moreMarch 30, 2015Leave a comment Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

Commerce: Tell Us What You Want From Our Data


Crowdsourcing is a key part of Commerce's open data efforts.

Watchdog: Library of Congress Lacks a Digital Blueprint -- And Doesn't Know How Much It Spends on Technology


A new watchdog report calls into question the Library of Congress' ability to keep up with the demands of the digital age.


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Uncle Sam Might Be Even Less Innovative Than You Thought

Only 32.7 percent of employees said they felt creativity and innovation were rewarded in their organization, new research found.

Nextgov International Space Station Expedition 42 Commander Barry "Butch" Wilmore shows off a ratchet wrench made with a 3-D printer on the station.

What NASA's 3-D-Printed Space Wrench Says About Government Innovation

NASA’s success in on-demand manufacturing could pave the way for other federal agencies.


This Duck Drone Could Spy on Enemy Subs

But building a flying-and-swimming robot is harder than nature makes it look.

Nextgov Apple CEO Tim Cook

How Tech Giants Became a Leading Civil-Rights Voice

In the tech industry, civil-rights activism is simultaneously considered a responsibility and just good business.

Nextgov The Asimo Robot made by Honda is displayed at the New York International Auto Show.

Google's Next-Gen Robots Could Have Personalities

Google’s patent details a cloud-based system where a personality could be downloaded to a robot, in the same way one might download an app.

Nextgov This goes way beyond an app.

The Amazon Button Isn't an April Fools' Joke

Designed to correlate with specific products around your house, it's basically a physical manifestation of the one-click-to-buy feature on Amazon's site.


Obama Declares Cyberattacks a 'National Emergency

A new executive order will allow the government to impose financial sanctions against those waging malicious cyberattacks.

Obama Declares Cyber Attacks A ‘National Emergency’

A new executive order will allow the government to impose financial sanctions against those waging malicious cyberattacks.


18F Wants to Make More Dot-Govs Accessible to People with Disabilities

Many federal websites aren't designed for the visually and hearing impaired. 18F is trying to change that.


Clinton’s Email Excuse Doesn’t Add Up

All it took was four released emails to poke major holes in Clinton’s email excuse that she didn't want to carry several devices.