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Rahm Emanuel and the Tale of Two Cities

Growing urban inequality has made mayors' jobs harder across the country.

A sign calling for justice is attached to a fence near the site where Walter Scott was killed in North Charleston, S.C.

The Shockingly Familiar Killing of Walter Scott

Black men are disproportionately likely to be pulled over in North Charleston. Americans are killed by police far more than citizens of other countries. But officers seldom face charges.

Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, right, stands with Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman.

In Many States, Lieutenant Governors Take on Larger Role

Here's why a state's second-in-command is being viewed more and more as a huge asset.

How Quickly Did D.C.-Area Agencies and Utilities Relay Power Outage Info?

A power surge led to widespread but temporary disruptions across the National Capital Region.

Why a Seattle Suburb Legally Defined What a 'Family' Is

A new zoning code in Bellevue will allow "single-housekeeping units" in single-family homes, but no student boarders.

Health Technology Push Expands to 21 New State and Local Governments

The Multi-City Innovation Campaign started in four cities. Now, the expanding initiative aims to find solutions to items like how to improve emergency response times and increase access to mental health care.

Why Cities Should Pay People To Eat Their Veggies

Federal and state governments are matching some food-stamps purchases at farmers markets dollar for dollar. When cities take advantage, it pays.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott

Rick Scott Walks Back Medicaid-Expansion Support Amid Tense CMS Talks

The Obama administration and Florida are negotiating over a $1 billion Medicaid funding stream.

Drone Aircraft Help Save Taxpayer Dollars in Hawaii

They also make certain dangerous jobs safer.