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To Combat Disease, States Make It Harder to Skip Vaccines

Around the country, it’s about to get more complicated for parents to exempt their children from regular vaccination.

Washington, D.C.

100 Resilient Cities Adds 37 New Member Municipalities

The global network helps cities hire chief resilience officers and access partner support for projects meant to prepare local governments for challenges like climate change.

Scottsdale Says ‘No’ to Satan; Ruffalo ‘Hulks Out’ Over Pennsylvania Fracking

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: SeaTac, Wash.’s Muslim ‘tactical map’ that wasn’t; Nile crocodiles are Florida’s newest residents; and Hawaii gun owners might make FBI database.

Geographic Inequality Is Swallowing the Recovery

The geography of business formation and job growth is concentrated in less than two dozen counties across the nation.

Washington, D.C.

Congress Rejects D.C.'s Declaration of Fiscal Independence

The District wants to control how it spends its money. Republicans in the House say no.

San Francisco City Hall

Government Agencies Continue Their Shift to Hybrid IT, But Few Will Go All In

Security concerns, lacking skills, budget constraints and legacy systems all impose barriers to a complete migration to the cloud.

A gas station in San Marcos, Texas

Looking at Transportation Funding Beyond the Gas Tax

Infrastructure Week discussions delved into options for offsetting declines in gasoline and diesel tax revenues. Is taxing vehicle mileage the answer?

Why Governments Need to Invest More in Self-Service Technology

This option empowers citizens to oversee their own information and avoid the feeling of getting stuck behind red tape.

The Wyandot County Courthouse in Upper Sandusky, Ohio

Route Fifty Roadmap: Revisiting ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ in North-Central Ohio

In a part of the Buckeye State often overlooked by travelers passing through, you can better understand the physical and budgetary footprints for state prisons through the 1994 movie.

Baltimore, Maryland.

The First Verdict in the Freddie Gray Case

Police officer Edward Nero has been acquitted of all four charges against him.