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The city of Roanoke, Virginia, and its neighboring city of Salem want to build a fiber network throughout the Roanoke Valley, but will their surrounding counties go along with the plan?

Virginia Counties May Withdraw From Open-Access Broadband Initiative

But will Roanoke be perceived as being a technological backwater?

What's Behind the Backlash to Houston's 'One Bin for All' Program

The city is forging ahead with an unprecedented single-bin combined waste collection and recycling plan. But it may want to reconsider ditching tried-and-true methods.

A county clerk in Key West, Florida, is ready to issue gay marriage licenses.

County Clerk in Florida Ready to Issue Marriage Licenses for Gay Couples

But a judge's ruling Monday afternoon will put any gay weddings in Key West on hold.

A South Texas Border Patrol vehicle removes tracks in 2013.

Why Border-State Gubernatorial Candidates Can't Solve Their Voters' Most Pressing Issue

Immigration is a hot-button issue, so border-state politicians talk a big game about it. There's only one problem.

A boat navigates Bristol Bay in 2007.

EPA Moves to Thwart Huge Alaskan Copper and Gold Mine

Bristol Bay is home to the world's largest sockeye salmon run.

Local leaders in the Charlotte area are upset with a proposed move to block a local sales tax to help pay teachers.

North Carolina Might Block Counties Looking to Boost Teacher Pay

Local control remains a contentious issue in the Tar Heel State.

One California lawmaker is pushing a plan in Sacramento that would mandate businesses in the state with five or more employees and offer no retirement plan to deduct 3 percent of worker wages.

Lawmakers Look at State-Sponsored IRAs for Private-Sector Workers

Several states are examining setting up mandatory retirement plans for businesses that don’t offer one.

Where Will the Next U.S. Earthquake Hit?

USGS maps offer cross-agency team new insights into the nation's seismic risks.

State-Run Green Banks Could Bring Down Energy Costs

New York is one of many states that's changing the way it funds clean-energy projects.