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Colorado’s New Local Control Oil and Gas Rules Fuel Ballot Battle

While the state maintains primacy in regulating oil and gas drilling, activist groups have been pushing hard for more municipal and county control.

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Many Americans Are Rising Out of the 'Middle Class'—But Are They Better Off?

In 42 states, more people have risen above the middle class than have fallen below it since 2000. But the story is complicated by a drop in incomes.

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A Closer Look at Louisiana’s Grim Budget and Economic Numbers

Revenues, general fund balances, unemployment rates and GDP are all downbeat in the Pelican State.

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Using Analytics Helps State and Local Government Websites Look and Feel More Commercial

Effective public engagement is crucial to reducing citizen call volumes.

Route Fifty President Obama speaks at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield on Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2016.

At the Illinois State Capitol, Obama Eschews the ‘Refusal to Compromise as an Accomplishment’

This week, the president returned to Springfield, where the inter-party “trust we’d built meant that we came at each debate assuming the best in one another and not the worst.”

Route Fifty The Maine State House in Augusta, Maine.

Maine Governor Paul LePage Plans to Make Himself Education Commissioner

After insulting lawmakers and playing off racist comments and support for the guillotine as ploys for attention, what won't he do?

Route Fifty University of Illinois auditorium

Illinois Public Universities Face Dire Funding Crisis

As the budget standoff continues in Springfield, higher education in the Land of Lincoln face “Hunger Games” scenario where “only the strong” may survive.

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Colorado's Billion-Dollar Legal Marijuana Industry

It's been a boon to tourism in the Centennial State.

Route Fifty The Flint River in Flint, Michigan.

Should Flint Replace Its Old Pipes?

Putting in new infrastructure would be less laborious and more cost-effective, according to one civil engineer.

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As California’s Transportation Funding Package Stalls, Road-Shaming Continues

Trinity County’s unplowed roads cost emergency personnel precious hours.

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Why the Collaboration of Government and High-Tech Is Smart

Public-private partnerships help local IT departments afford meaningful solutions that handle vast amounts of high-value data.

Route Fifty The Crescent City Connection crosses the Mississippi River in New Orleans.

‘For All Practical Purposes, Louisiana Is in Its Own Recession’

As the state’s budget situation worsens, revenue estimates are revised downward.

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The Benefits of Smart Cities Are Apparent, But Is Local Government Ready for Them?

And a bigger question: Is the widespread adoption of the smart cities model really just six to 10 years away?