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Last year, we launched GovExec State & Local. Now we’ve expanded our team, built a new digital home and are energized even more to connect the ideas and people advancing state, county and municipal government across the United States.

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Felony Indictments for Texas’ Attorney General; Is There Still Canadian Trash in Michigan?

Also: Missoula’s high-tech parking meters and conservative support for medical marijuana in Maryland.

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This City Asked Luxury Developers to Pitch in for Public Transit

A new San Francisco impact fee asks residential towers to pay their fair share.


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With More Money, States Weigh Expanded Tax Credits for Working Families

States are boosting earned income tax credits for working families as the Great Recession recedes and state finances improve.

Route Fifty Detroit, Michigan

Detroit’s Improved Bond Outlook Bodes Well for Municipal Services

Motor City has come a long way from its bankruptcy seven months ago.

Route Fifty A section of Interstate 10 in Los Angeles collapsed during the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

USGS Grant to Fund Earthquake Early Warning System Expansion on West Coast

Four universities in California, Oregon and Washington state will get much needed money to improve ShakeAlert technology that’s been under development.

Route Fifty Oil refinery in Williston, North Dakota

Black Gold Boom and Bust

Oil boomtown mayor: "We have come a long way since we were a tent city."

Route Fifty

How States Can Make Their Digital Offerings Accessible to People With Disabilities

On the 25th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act’s signing, a new policy brief argues governments should be doing more for civil rights when it comes to procurement.

Route Fifty Alligators aren't known to frequent OKC.

Toledo Scales Back Microcystin Testing in Its Drinking Water; an Oklahoma City Alligator?

Also: The standardized testing backlash continues and Arizona closes its state genealogical library.

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Why State and Local Governments Are Increasingly Embracing GitHub

By sharing code, jurisdictions can cut IT development costs and better use resources. But it’s “a matter of cultural change.”

Route Fifty Chicago has more than 15,000 restaurants to inspect. The power of open data and predictive analytics will help the city prioritize its efforts.

Using Predictive Analytics, Chicago Is a Trailblazer for Health Code Inspections

Harnessing municipal data, it’s easier to prioritize where to concentrate inspection efforts. And GitHub makes it easier for other cities to use the city’s model.

Route Fifty A pivot sprinkler system irrigates a farm.

How Can Local Governments Help California’s Farmers Save Water?

Agricultural interests insist they’re doing their part but most growers don’t use efficient drip agriculture and several counties have banned drought-tolerant crops.

Route Fifty LaGuardia Airport

Why Flashy Plans for LaGuardia Don't Impress Transit Advocates

If an outdated airport is “un-New York,” according to Governor Andrew Cuomo, then what’s a crumbling subway system?