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Could Remote Testimony and ‘Legislative YouTube’ Break Down Engagement Barriers?

Constituents often have a hard time traveling to their state’s capital city but technological advances might offer solutions to connect lawmakers and residents.

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E-Cigarette Taxes on Top of Many Statehouse Agendas

NCSL analyst: “This is going to be one of the most introduced and debated topics in state legislatures this year, especially the tax issue."

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New Tool Creates 'Common Language' for City Governments

APQC’s Process Classification Framework helps improve productivity and communications through performance standards.

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The States That Have the Highest and Lowest Union Membership

The national membership rate fell again in 2014 even as job growth surged to a 15-year high.

Cincinnati City Hall, the scene of Thursday's incident.

Frustrated Kentucky Man Drives Into Cincinnati City Hall in Search of Mayor

An 11-year zoning dispute with the city over a pony-keg drive-up liquor store led to Thursday’s drama.

New Orleans' Central Business District as viewed from the French Quarter.

Big Easy Takes Big Step to Curb Smoking

New Orleans City Council members approve sweeping anti-smoking measure.

The Slow, Agonizing Death of the MetroCard in New York City

The long-heralded swipe-free subway payment system may not arrive until 2022.

Atlanta is attracting a lot of new folks—specifically, young people and minorities.

See What Your City Will Be Like in 15 Years

An interactive tool forecasts U.S. metro demographics circa 2030.

The Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg.

New Cybersecurity Center in Pennsylvania Aims to Help Fend Off Attacks

Keystone State’s former CIO: “We’re trying to improve security awareness, information, specifically in the government space in state, county and local government.”

How a Vibrant Open Data Community Has Flourished in Chicago

Watch Derek Eder discuss the secrets of the local civic tech community’s successes.

New York City Hall

Airbnb's Big Problems at New York City Hall

Opponents and advocates of the short-term rental platform both say the service is disrupting the country's biggest housing market.

This Might Be The Most ‘Only in Portland’ Thing Ever

The Oregon city’s mayor celebrated Decemberists Day this week at City Hall.

If lawmakers in Arkansas wanted to tap the state's reserve funds, they really couldn't since the state is essentially tapped out.

How Long Could Your State Operate Only on Its Fiscal Reserves?

A new Pew study examines the strength of the rainy-day funds of the 50 states.