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Last year, we launched GovExec State & Local. Now we’ve expanded our team, built a new digital home and are energized even more to connect the ideas and people advancing state, county and municipal government across the United States.

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Where Minority Populations Have Become the Majority

A Pew map shows that, between 2000 and 2013, whites became the minority in 78 U.S. counties.

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Ohio Makes Big Move to Boost Municipal Spending Transparency

The Buckeye State already gets high marks on making information available. Those efforts will now expand to the local level.


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Local Governments Could Play a Big Role in Helping to Shape Wikipedia

Wikipedia needs more information. And local governments just might have what the online encyclopedia needs.

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How Colorado Is Trying to Convince Marijuana Enthusiasts Not to Drive Stoned

Among the state’s 420-related tactics: A special car that’s filled with smoke.

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New NASCIO Survey Details State Government IT Challenges

Private sector opportunities pay more, making it difficult for states to attract and retain top workforce talent.

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This Might Be One of the Most Accessible Farmers Markets in the U.S.

From WIC and senior vouchers to SNAP/EBT benefits and “bonus bucks,” everything flies in Catawba County, North Carolina.

The State-Level Future of Healthcare Reform

While the national debate over the Affordable Care Act remains deadlocked in dispute, local-level reform trends towards bipartisan convergence.

California Bill Would Extend Health Insurance to Undocumented Immigrants

A bill proposed in the state senate would allow income-eligible undocumented immigrants to get coverage through Medi-Cal.

Arlington County, Virginia, was one of the first local governments to embrace the cloud.

The Next Stop on the Route Fifty ‘Roadmap’ Series: Arlington County, Virginia

The county was one of the first local governments in the nation to leap into the cloud. And that IT strategy continues to help the county be ahead of the curve.

Could the South Carolina Police Shooting Be the Last Push for Body Cameras?

Advocates say the technology is an important tool, but not a cure-all.

Kansas's Failed Experiment

The state's budget problems didn't go away after Governor Sam Brownback's reelection—they got worse. Will the lesson of tax-cuts-gone-awry give Republican candidates pause in 2016?

Rahm Emanuel and the Tale of Two Cities

Growing urban inequality has made mayors' jobs harder across the country.