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Check Out These Powerful New Inflatable Swift Water Rescue Boats

First responders in the Sacramento area now have some new high-tech watercraft for mutual aid rescue operations.

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New York 90-Day Email Purge Policy Raises Big Transparency Questions

Lawmakers in Albany grill state CIO Maggie Miller, who affirms the Cuomo administration’s controversial guidelines: It’s “consistent with accepted practice.”

Texas May Invalidate Local Laws That 'Erode Consumer Choice'

Watch out Austin and Dallas: Local single-use plastic bag rules that irk the new governor are “restricting the flow of commerce,” according to a state representative.


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City of Raleigh Dishes Out DIY Worm-Farming Tips

The Solid Wastes Services Department offers simple advice on how to compost at home or the office.

How States Can Help Shovel a Path Out of Prison

If states want to dig themselves out from the difficulties of mass incarceration, they can begin by creating employment programs for newly released inmates.

A tent pitched by a homeless person sits on the hilltop overlooking the Port of Los Angeles in February.

Fatal Police Shooting Shows How L.A.'s 'Safer Cities' Initiative Failed Skid Row

Critics say the initiative has practically made it a crime to be homeless.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

‘Polite’ Michigan City Doesn’t Want to Boast About Its Low-Crime ‘Year of Oddities’

Was it a fluke or something to trumpet? Grand Rapids stays characteristically modest.

States Work to Protect Electric Grid From Solar Storms, Nuclear Threat

A growing number of state legislators are introducing measures aimed at protecting the electric grid from catastrophic events.

Cyclists, Rest Your Weary Limbs on Seattle's First-Ever 'Leaning Rails'

The metal fixtures, already used in European cities, support riders as they wait at intersections.

Sun "City," Arizona

Arizona ‘City’ With Escaped Llamas Isn’t Actually a Municipality

Sun City doesn’t have a mayor and there’s no local government. But there’s a Sheriff’s Posse and plenty of residents in orange safety vests.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga, Tenn., and Wilson, N.C., Celebrate FCC’s Municipal Broadband Ruling

The two cities had petitioned commissioners to block state red tape that limits expansion of high-speed networks built by local governments.

Collaborating to Identify West Virginia Medicaid Patients Who Visit Emergency Rooms

In West Virginia, a public-private partnership is working to deliver preventative care to these patients, allaying the need for future emergency visits.

Local Fire Departments Prepare for Possible Impacts From DHS Showdown in Congress

Federal grant programs could be disrupted by a shutdown and in some cases, that could impact payment of firefighter salaries.