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Will New Jersey’s Red-Light Camera Program Die This Year?

James Kern III, elected as the Garden State’s youngest mayor, explains why he thinks automated traffic enforcement is wrong for his locality.

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D.C. Statehood Bill Gets Rare Capitol Hill Hearing

A U.S. Senate committee considers a 51st state proposal to give equal voting rights to residents in the nation's capital.

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Marijuana Revenue Still Hazy for States

Legalized marijuana has brought in far less tax revenue than originally estimated in Colorado, but revenue is on the rise.


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Michael Bjornberg of HGA Architects and Engineers

Minnesota State Capitol Renovations Bring Big Changes

Check out the major upgrades coming to state legislative facilities.

The Last Refrigerator

Ten years ago today, the Maytag plant in Galesburg, Illinois, closed its doors. What's become of the town in the years since?

Once the seismically vulnerable Alaskan Way Viaduct is demolished, Seattle can move forward on transforming its waterfront.

Making Seattle's Waterfront Vision a Reality

Also in our State & Local roundup: Michigan's Amtrak service is getting a major upgrade thanks to Wisconsin. Plus, Utah's local agencies have a lot of surplus military weapons.

Don't Worry About the Size of the Government

Setting out to shrink the size of agencies at all costs can actually raise them—as Louisiana's child-welfare system found.

Alaska’s Distressing Murder Ranking; NYC Council Speaker’s Retribution?

Also in our weekend State & Local news roundup: Virginia’s toll-billing glitch, Las Vegas’ new car-washing regs.

NYPD Gets Training on How to Gain Followers and Influence on Twitter

'Tasteful humor is good' and don't post 'boring, jargon-filled tweets.'

Which States Have the Highest Incarceration Rates?

Since 1994, New York has seen the biggest drop in crime of any state. It also saw the biggest drop in its prison population.

One Way to Cut Back on Expensive Ambulance Rides

A Colorado town is minimizing ER visits with an urgent-care clinic on wheels.

Interstate 70 is the Colorado ski industry's lifeline, but it's often congested.

Should Colorado Restrict Interstate Truck Traffic to Help Its Ski Industry?

I-70's terrible traffic could drag down mountain resort communities.