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Transit Guide-Bots for Blind Passengers?

An assistive robotics project is exploring how advanced technology could make it easier for people with visual impairments to navigate cities.

How Chicago Is Catching Restaurant Health Violations Faster

The city can forecast the “riskiest” dining establishments.


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How This Sheriff’s Office Uses Urban Farming to Try to Ease Impacts of Poverty

In addition to creating jobs and organic food, embracing local agriculture might help ease crime and recidivism, too.

Route Fifty San Francisco Bay as seen from the University of California at Berkeley.

California Confronts Its Daunting Pension Shortfalls

Cuts in services may be the only answer, though activists hope to amend the constitution.

Route Fifty The California State Capitol in Sacramento

Cybersecurity Risk or Building Block for More Open Government?

Supporters of IT inventorying legislation in California say it will improve access and spark innovation. But some fear it could help cyber criminals zero in on local governments.

Route Fifty Philadelphia City Hall

A Municipal Innovation Priority: People Want Information And ‘They Want It Now’

Rosetta Carrington Lue, Philadelphia’s chief customer experience strategy, innovation and technology officer, discusses principles of the customer service experience.

Route Fifty The Illinois Capitol Rotunda in Springfield.

A Way to Fix Illinois’ Pensions Crisis?

Shifting costs to local school districts and universities seems inevitable. But that solution “is not at simple as moving the burden off of the state,” says the deputy executive director of the Illinois Association of School Boards.

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Watch How Local Governments Are Celebrating National Public Works Week

There’s a lot that falls under the local public works umbrella.

Route Fifty The Colorado River's Lake Mead reservoir behind Hoover Dam.

Water Demand Outpaces Supply in Colorado River Basin Communities

A new Bureau of Reclamation report offers municipalities a number of innovative ways to conserve and reuse the strained natural resource.

The West Indian Manatee is listed as an endangered species by Fish and Wildlife.

The Endangered Species Act Is Getting A Makeover

The Obama administration is fighting back against criticism that states don’t get enough say under the law.

Route Fifty King County Executive Dow Constatine visits an elementary school in Seattle.

Connected Government, Part II: Investing in the Arc of a Child's Life

In the second of a multi-part guest article series for Route Fifty, King County Executive Dow Constantine examines a complex issue many public officials around the United States are facing in their communities: childhood development.

Route Fifty Bruce V. Rauner, go, ... ]

Breaking the Law—and Blaming the Supreme Court

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner refuses to collect “fair share” fees from public employees because he expects them to be found unconstitutional.