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Wisconsin Awaits Implementation of Scott Walker’s Civil Service Reform Law

Supporters say it will help the state government be more effective in hiring and firing but opponents fear weakened worker protections.

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Dennis ‘Hastert’ Mix-Up Frustrates Officials in Neighboring Chicago Suburbs

Angry residents are demanding that “Hassert” Boulevard be renamed and one mayor has taken a big step to clear up the confusion.

Aerial Survey Finds Underwater Grass Booming in Chesapeake Bay

The vegetation is an important measure of health in the nation’s largest estuary. Abundance is a good sign.


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Route Fifty Louisville, Kentucky

Why Louisville Wants to Know Its Residents’ Broadband Speeds

While courting Google Fiber and AT&T GigaPower, the city also wants to hold Internet service providers accountable for what they advertise.

Route Fifty Seattle Waste Management digs through a resident's trash looking for food scraps that should've been placed with other compostable material instead.

Judge: Seattle’s Garbage Checks Are Unconstitutional; S.C. Gov. Slams Detainee Relocation Plan

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: NCAA affirms inclusivity for event host cities; Ala. impeachment moves forward; and Wyo. governor wants coal “moon shot.”

Workers from the Puerto Rico Health Department and CDC review Zika-related data.

HHS Secretary Links Zika Emergency to Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis

Burwell's trip to San Juan highlights economic challenges of mosquito control.

Route Fifty

The Internet of Things and Cities: A Billion Points of Policy

Before diving in head first into the world of IoT, local governments seriously consider some of the potential risks when it comes to critical matters like cybersecurity.

Route Fifty

State Religious Liberty Laws Lack Meaning

Legislation claiming to protect conservatives who object to LGBT relationships and identity most recently passed in Tennessee.

Route Fifty Rancho Mirage, California in December.

Drought Concerns Wane in California

Some residents are greening up their lawns per homeowners' association orders.

Route Fifty The city of Pittsburgh is building bridges to its startup community.

Pittsburgh Will Give Civic Startups a Chance to Pilot Projects With City Departments

“It's pretty exciting to be able to open the doors up . . . And to really be asking the question of startups: How can we work together?” says the city’s innovation chief.

Route Fifty

An Illinois County Provides Model to Get a Pill-Disposal Program Up and Running

Lake County knew that preventing prescription drugs from getting into a water supply or the wrong hands is important. And it got help from Walgreens in its prescription turn-in efforts.

Route Fifty Steve Helber / AP

Virginia Governor Ends State's History of Disenfranchisement

Will Terry McAuliffe's move to restore voting rights to felons, which has signaled a new way forward in the commonwealth, last?

Route Fifty Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin

In Kentucky, Fight Between Governors Deepens; Irked Uber Looks to Exit Houston

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Arrests in mayor-council brawl in Alabama; buy this W.Va. town from the feds; and Idaho’s good immunization rate.