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Last year, we launched GovExec State & Local. Now we’ve expanded our team, built a new digital home and are energized even more to connect the ideas and people advancing state, county and municipal government across the United States.

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As State Spending on Higher Education Drops, Federal Funds Grow

New Pew research shows “a pretty striking change, in a pretty short period of time.”

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Route Fifty Dublin, California

How Effective Web Platforms Can Aid Water Conservation Efforts

In California, more than one-third of Dublin San Ramon Services District customers use water consumption alerts to conserve.

Route Fifty “You Can’t Live a Day Without Me” is a rap video about San Francisco's sewers.

It’s Hard to Look Away From These Government-Produced Rap Videos

These PSAs instantly grab your attention, regardless of the production quality.

Route Fifty

A Special Lottery to Forgive Student Loan Debt?

A New Jersey lawmaker is interested in making it a reality. But how would it work?

Route Fifty Arlington Memorial Bridge

Transportation Trumps 'No Taxes' in Many States

“No new taxes?” Many governors broke that pledge to pay for critical transportation needs.

Route Fifty

The Customizable Retirement

In Wisconsin, a healthcare employer shows that the choice between working and not working needn’t be all or nothing.

Route Fifty Los Angeles City Hall

Why We’re Having the Wrong Conversation About Open Data

Publishing government data can be great for citizens and innovative companies. But government operations can also benefit from open data’s revolutionary power.

Route Fifty A military C-130 drops a load of fire retardant on a wildfire near Pine, Colo., on Wednesday, June 19, 2013.

Science and Research Provide New Tools to Fight Wildfires

"Our goal is to try to integrate new technologies into a profession that’s really steeped in tradition," says the director of the recently launched Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting.