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2 Cities at Center of Municipal Broadband Fight Celebrate FCC’s Ruling

Chattanooga, Tenn., and Wilson, N.C., had petitioned commissioners to block state red tape that limits expansion of high-speed networks built by local governments.

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Arizona ‘City’ With Escaped Llamas Isn’t Actually a Municipality

Sun City doesn’t have a mayor and there’s no local government. But there’s a Sheriff’s Posse and plenty of residents in orange safety vests.

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Will Albuquerque’s Police Problems Arrest Its Economic Ambition?

New Mexico’s largest city wants to boost its innovation environment. But will negative headlines deter the mayor’s entrepreneurial vision?

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States Work to Protect Electric Grid From Solar Storms, Nuclear Threat

A growing number of state legislators are introducing measures aimed at protecting the electric grid from catastrophic events.

Cyclists, Rest Your Weary Limbs on Seattle's First-Ever 'Leaning Rails'

The metal fixtures, already used in European cities, support riders as they wait at intersections.

Collaborating to Identify West Virginia Medicaid Patients Who Visit Emergency Rooms

In West Virginia, a public-private partnership is working to deliver preventative care to these patients, allaying the need for future emergency visits.

Local Fire Departments Prepare for Possible Impacts From DHS Showdown in Congress

Federal grant programs could be disrupted by a shutdown and in some cases, that could impact payment of firefighter salaries.

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman speaks at a local elementary school this week.

How One County Government Diverts Food Waste to Generate Revenue

“[F]ood scrap collection demonstrates that simple ideas can produce big results,” says one county executive in Maryland.

Charlotte's city center is among those outpacing city peripheries.

Young People Are Pulling Jobs Back to City Centers

A new analysis suggests that jobs previously lost to the suburbs are returning to the core.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer speaks at a press conference last week.

How San Diego Plans to Assess the Condition of Nearly 2,800 Miles of City Streets

Mayor Kevin Faulconer wants to fix his city’s streets. But first, the city has to figure out which ones need the most immediate attention.


Parks and Recreation on ‘Sexy’ Public Service

A sitcom goes where no politician dares.

Where You Can Legally Smoke Marijuana in the Nation's Capital

Despite opposition from Congress, the District of Columbia will let residents smoke pot in their homes, but not on the street.

Tesla’s Forgotten Co-founder Wants to Electrify America’s Garbage Trucks

Wrightspeed has already won a deal from FedEx to use its technology in some delivery vehicles.