Former Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle Discusses Making ‘Incredibly Hard Decisions’

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle, seen during a circus parade in 2009. Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle, seen during a circus parade in 2009. David Jones /

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle left the governor’s mansion in Madison back in 2011 after making some incredibly tough budgetary decisions through the dismal depths of the Great Recession.

In a recently uploaded Harvard University Institute of Politics video interview, Doyle discussed some important questions about governance and why some states are getting an incredible amount of work done compared to the federal government.

As for making unpleasant budget decisions during a time of great economic decline, Doyle said:

That was an incredibly hard job because it meant you had cut things you never ever wanted to cut and you had to make incredibly hard decisions and I said during those years: None of these decisions are good and none of them are easy but they have to be made and they have to be made with wisdom and compassion to the best of your ability.

Watch the rest of Doyle’s interview:

(Photo by David Jones /


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