What America’s Cities Can Teach Washington, D.C.

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The mayors of Oklahoma City, Tacoma and Pittsburgh appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday to discuss what politicians in Washington, D.C., could learn from America’s enterprising cities.

The mayoral panel—Oklahoma City’s Mick Cornett, Pittsburgh’s Bill Peduto and Tacoma’s Marilyn Strickland—was part of a new series called “Who Needs Washington?” and the three touted successes and innovative projects in their cities.

The panel was part of Chuck Todd’s debut as the 12th moderator of the NBC Sunday morning news show.

Todd asked each mayor what they would tell politicians in Washington, D.C., about their being able to work through problems and be successful.

“Washington has to understand it’s about getting the job done and it really isn’t about the political bickering that holds us back,” said Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto.

"The ultimate goal is, 'what is the vision?' It’s has to be a shared vision," he said. "Just as we work with our councils, the president needs to work with the Congress, but at the end of the day, you have to move forward. . . There has to be that compromise and willing to see that success does happen.”

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

The mayor alluded to a national interest in creating a public system for preschool education but proposed that "universal education for 4-year-olds" could be created in Pittsburgh if the city is given the chance to "run with the ball." He said that partnerships with the White House could help Pittsburgh become the "city of learning" that he envisions.

Read more about the mayors on “Meet the Press” at Tacoma’s News Tribune and NewsOK.


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