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More Videos and Photos From Minnesota’s Big State Capitol Renovations

There’s a lot of work going across the building from the Rotunda to office space.

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Jersey Shore Mayor: ‘I Don’t Have a Butt Patrol’

Also in our State & Local weekend roundup: Calif. governor vetoes men's restroom baby-changing table mandate and Hurricane Hugo 25 years later.

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U.S. Secessionist Groups Reflect on the Scottish Referendum

Far from discouraged, some groups are excited by the momentum generated by Scotland’s independence movement. Others smell conspiracy overseas.


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How a Houston Housing Project Earned a MacArthur Grant

Through Project Row Houses, artist Rick Lowe nurtures artists and residents alike with a project that pushes contemporary practice and engages the community.

Provincetown, Massachusetts

Two-Tier Taxes Pit 'Summer People' Against 'Townies'

Some vacation cities and states make “summer people” pay higher property taxes than year -round residents. Is that fair?

The Justice Department Has Yet to Find a Link Between Chris Christie and Bridge Closure

Nine months later, no connection has emerged. That doesn't mean Christie's problems are over.

D.C. Council General Counsel V. David Zvenyach

D.C. Looking for 1st ‘Civic Hacker in Residence’ for Innovation Fellowship

Full-time developer will help improve access to public data by using open-source tools.

An aerial view of Miami Beach, Florida.

Miami Beach’s New Flood Defenses; Flint’s ‘Massive’ Water Thefts

Also in our State & Local news roundup: Kansas has cost-effective highways; California trees at risk.

Hey, I'm Bikin' Here! A Buffer Zone Is Now Law for California Cyclists

California drivers are now legally required to give cyclists at least three feet of clearance when passing. But do these laws really work?

The Grand River runs through downtown Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids Mayor Touts ‘Blue Economy’ and Effort to Let City’s River Run Wild

Let George Heartwell explain why restoring the rapids could give Michigan’s second-largest city a big economic boost.

Millennials Love Transit Most, Boomers Still Stuck on Cars

A new study shows generations bucking their upbringings, with sheltered Millennials choosing the bus.

L.A.'s Fire Department Rolls Out New Nepotism Protocols

The city says the practice leads to less diversity among firefighters.

U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill

McCaskill Taps Her State Auditor Experience for Local Police Militarization Inquiry

Missouri senator’s previous state investigations found problems with training and use of local police equipment.