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As State Spending on Higher Education Drops, Federal Funds Grow

New Pew research shows “a pretty striking change, in a pretty short period of time.”

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Route Fifty

California’s Vaccine Debate Won’t Be Over Anytime Soon

Several legal challenges to the new state immunization mandate are expected on the heels of infighting among medical experts, nonprofits and celebrities.

Route Fifty Salt Lake City, Utah

Mixed Messages With Utah’s Deseret Flag?; Virginia’s ‘Road to Nowhere’ Settlement

Also: More woes for Detroit and mental health challenges for hospitals in Massachusetts.

Route Fifty Blanchard, Washington, in Skagit County

A GPS-Enabled, One-Stop Shop for Everything Real Estate

In Washington state, Skagit County employee workloads are down and iMap hits are up.

Route Fifty Marriage Equality Decision Day Rally

Can States Ignore the Supreme Court on Gay Marriage?

Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz are suggesting there might be ways for states and cities to nullify the justices’ ruling. They’re wrong.

Route Fifty A sewage treatment plant

Mississippi Happy to Take Louisiana’s Movie Business; California Farmers Happy to Take Modesto’s Sewer Water

Also: The Internet makes public sector conservation a success, Florida’s Rick Scott making the public pay to be shunned and a Miami neighborhood halts spillover gentrification, for now.

Route Fifty

Massachusetts Uses Job Training as a Path to Sobriety

Eleven states are using federal grant money to help people with addictions find a road to sobriety. In Massachusetts, one pathway is through job training.

Route Fifty Oceanside Pier

Keeping Light Pollution Down as a Service to Stargazers

Oceanside, California’s smart streetlights and green energy plants are saving money too.

Route Fifty Lee Circle in New Orleans, Florida

Cities Re-examine Their Confederate Icons

“It is not only time for a reappraisal of all public symbols that reflect upon the ‘peculiar institution’ of slavery, but also time for removal.”

Route Fifty North Dakota oil rig

A North Dakota Oil Boom Goes Bust

What will happen to those who built their lives on it?