Government Executive - Authors - Mark Michelihttp://www.govexec.comMark Micheli is Special Projects Editor for Government Executive Media Group. He's the editor of <em>Excellence in Government Online</em> and contributes to <em>GovExec,</em> <em>NextGov</em> and <em>Defense One</em>. Previously, he worked on national security and emergency management issues with the US Treasury Department and the Department of Homeland Security. He's a graduate of the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs and studied at Drake University.en-usThu, 19 Dec 2013 14:42:50 -0500The Budget Deal: An Okay End to a Very Bad Year for Medical Research has offered some relief to NIH, but Francis Collins says lawmakers are still scrimping on essential science.Mark Micheli, The AtlanticThu, 19 Dec 2013 14:42:50 -0500 Gudas, chair of pharmacology at Weill Cornell Medical College, and others, participate in a "Rally for Medical Research," Monday, April 8, 2013, in Washington.Jacquelyn Martin/APThe Best Way to Fix Scrap It and Start Over. government tech consultant says a total rebuild would be most effective solution.Ross Gianfortune and Mark MicheliMon, 02 Dec 2013 08:00:00 -0500 - Promising PracticesWhat NASA Can Teach the Rest of Government About Using Social Media Twitter to Reddit, NASA has social media figured out.Mark MicheliTue, 05 Nov 2013 20:56:00 -0500 - Promising PracticesWatch All Six Moon Landings in One Video is pretty cool.Mark MicheliFri, 25 Oct 2013 16:34:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesYoutubeInfographic: Visualizing the Shutdown's Real-Time Impact on Federal Employees striking real-time data visualization of the shutdown's scope.Mark MicheliThu, 10 Oct 2013 13:11:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesEnigma.ioAfter the Retirement Wave Crests, Who’s Left? succession planning is more important than ever.Mark MicheliTue, 08 Oct 2013 17:00:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesShutdown Continues Dark Days for Medical Research the sequester and the shutdown, repeated hits to research funding may have serious consequences for scientific advancement.Mark MicheliThu, 03 Oct 2013 15:04:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesCharles Dharapak/APBursts of Productivity Are Key to Getting Things Done "Deep Immersion" to limit your email-induced ADD.Mark MicheliWed, 04 Sep 2013 09:00:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesImage via Varijanta/Shutterstock.comWhy You Should Stress Your Employees Out anxiety might not be as bad as it sounds.Mark MicheliTue, 03 Sep 2013 09:00:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesImage via prodakszyn/Shutterstock.comThe Simple Reason Perfectionism Is So Dangerous little advice from the late David Foster Wallace.Mark MicheliThu, 29 Aug 2013 09:00:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesThe Cool Tool Helping Everyday Citizens Track Cyber Attacks in Real Time tool that helps you visualize how often data breaches occur.Mark Micheli, Excellence in GovernmentTue, 27 Aug 2013 09:00:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesWhy You’re Failing to Change Your Organization (And How to Do It Better) importance of leading change through behavior.Mark MicheliTue, 06 Aug 2013 17:24:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesWatch Curiosity’s First Year on Mars in This Hypnotic Two Minute Time-lapse releases video showing the rover's entire year on Mars in two minutes.Mark MicheliThu, 01 Aug 2013 15:13:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesNASA/JPLUSDA Paid $36 Million to a Lot of Dead People report reveals improper payments to thousands of deceased farmers.Mark MicheliWed, 31 Jul 2013 16:59:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesThe U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington D.C.Wikimedia CommonsSequestration Got You Down? Embrace It, Says Defense Leader’s Deputy Chief Management Officer talks living into the fiscal environment’s opportunities.Mark MicheliTue, 23 Jul 2013 18:20:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesHow The States Got Their Names origins behind the names of all 50 states.Mark MicheliMon, 22 Jul 2013 16:00:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesImage via yui/Shutterstock.comHow the Defense Department Communicates conversation about the tech powering DoD’s global collaboration efforts.Mark MicheliTue, 16 Jul 2013 17:15:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesInfographic: The Benefits of Biking to Work the planet and your health by biking to work this summer.Mark MicheliMon, 15 Jul 2013 16:00:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesImage via Arek_malang/Shutterstock.comThe One Question The Best Federal Leaders Ask Themselves OMB Performance Director Shelley Metzenbaum shares the secret of high performing agencies.Mark MicheliFri, 21 Jun 2013 17:44:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesWe’ve Been Whining About ‘Modern’ Life for Over 100 Years email, letters were the bane of our existence.Mark MicheliWed, 19 Jun 2013 16:45:00 -0400 - Promising Practices15 Things the Public Has More Confidence in Than Congress' confidence in Congress has dropped to a record low.Mark MicheliThu, 13 Jun 2013 17:22:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesImage via Gary Blakeley/Shutterstock.comVideo: Guitar Playing NIH Director Nails ‘The Sequester Blues’ got you down? This might cheer you up.Mark MicheliThu, 06 Jun 2013 18:01:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesFNIHVideo: Why Brainstorming Doesn’t Work, you need to start being more critical.Mark MicheliTue, 04 Jun 2013 17:57:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesImage via Mopic/Shutterstock.comThe New Type of Leader Government Needs Now original vision of the SES has never been realized.Mark MicheliTue, 04 Jun 2013 17:39:00 -0400 - Promising PracticesCleaning Up GSA: A Year After Scandal, Has The Agency Improved?'s Acting Administrator shares how the agency has turned around.Mark MicheliTue, 28 May 2013 17:22:00 -0400 - Promising Practices