Government Executive - Contracting and intelligence from the federal procurement arenaen-usThu, 26 Feb 2015 15:16:43 -0500Pentagon Acquisition Bosses Ho-Hum on Multiple Reviews for Passing Milestones finds weapons program managers valued input in only 10 percent of cases.Charles S. ClarkThu, 26 Feb 2015 15:16:43 -0500 Department file photoAir Force Restores Eligibility to Controversial Contractor specialist FedBid reorganizes after Veterans Affairs dispute.Charles S. ClarkMon, 23 Feb 2015 15:58:44 -0500"We look forward to continuing to provide an innovative online marketplace," said FedBid CEO Joe Jordan, who until January 2014 headed the White House Office of Federal Procurement Policy. Timothy White/OPM Former Employee of Government Contractor Alleges Sexual Harassment and Retaliation against global security firm depicts Mad Men culture at ‘guys with guns’ company.Kellie LunneyTue, 17 Feb 2015 15:05:46 -0500 and CEO of Garda World Stephan Cretier, a defendant in the lawsuit, speaks at a news conference in June 2011.AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Graham HughesFixing Acquisition: An Opportunity Lost? are ignoring significant skills gaps at our own peril.Stan Soloway and Phil KangasFri, 30 Jan 2015 09:00:00 -0500 A Jackson/Shutterstock.comSpaceX Settles With the Air Force, Smoothing the Way for Competition in Spy-satellite Missions Musk’s rocket company announced a settlement with the Air Force Monday.Tim Fernholz, QuartzMon, 26 Jan 2015 16:20:32 -0500 Falcon 9 AsiaSat is one of SpaceX's vehicles.SpaceXSurvey: Acquisition Workforce Falling Behind on Training group warns that budget uncertainties and brain drain threaten prospects for improvement.Charles S. ClarkThu, 22 Jan 2015 13:57:04 -0500 / Shutterstock.comVA Boosts Security After Texas Shooting procures 16 more contract guards for El Paso facility after gunman kills doctor and himself.Kellie LunneyWed, 14 Jan 2015 15:11:39 -0500 El Paso VA facility. VAAcquisition 101: When a Bargain Isn’t a Bargain recurring pitfalls of chasing the lowest price in federal procurements.Eric S. CrusiusMon, 12 Jan 2015 15:13:59 -0500 ufuk vural/Shutterstock.comThe 10 Categories Where Federal Agencies Spend the Most on Contracting House moves forward with a plan to make federal acquisition more efficient.Eric KatzThu, 08 Jan 2015 15:48:55 -0500 agencies annually spend more than $34 billion on transportation and logistics. cozyta/Shutterstock.comFinding a Bargain for Government Buyers Shouldn’t Be a Crime acquisition parlance, ‘low-price/technically acceptable’ really means ‘low-profits/taxpayer-approved.’J. David CoxMon, 05 Jan 2015 09:00:00 -0500 Agency Faulted for Wrongful Challenge to Contractor IG requests restoration of $6.6 million in disallowed subcontractor expenses.Charles S. ClarkWed, 31 Dec 2014 11:00:00 -0500 Martin Unit Forfeits $27.5 Million for Overbilling says contractor violated False Claims Act with underqualified workers.Charles S. ClarkMon, 22 Dec 2014 14:03:39 -0500 Green / Shutterstock.comContractor CEO Pleads Guilty to 20-Year Fraud of USAID of dollars of overbilling found in Iraq, Afghanistan reconstruction.Charles S. ClarkMon, 15 Dec 2014 12:47:13 -0500 / Shutterstock.comPentagon Gets a Better Grip on Spending for Services Contracts recommends further improvements to help balance civilian and outside workforces.Charles S. ClarkFri, 12 Dec 2014 12:56:26 -0500 Department file photoGSA Wants Agencies to Get Smarter About Charge Cards Federal Acquisition Service is looking for help from the financial services industry.Charles S. ClarkThu, 11 Dec 2014 15:32:54 -0500' $81M Torture Contract Exposes CIA's 'Remarkably Broad' Acquisition Authorities award to potentially underqualified firm raises eyebrows.Charles S. ClarkWed, 10 Dec 2014 17:09:29 -0500 CIA Director Michael HaydenKevin Wolf/AP file photoWar Zone Food Contractor Pleads Guilty to Overcharging Foodservice to pay $434 million in settlement with government.Charles S. ClarkTue, 09 Dec 2014 15:06:34 -0500 Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, helped lead the congressional investigation. Susan Walsh/APGSA Launches New Shared Office Supplies Purchasing’s dismissal of bid protests paves way for further savings through the contract vehicle.Charles S. ClarkMon, 08 Dec 2014 15:32:40 -0500 Szczygiel / Shutterstock.comHow Companies Hide the Spoils of Winning Government Contracts about the deals that result from a corporation's heavy political spending?Bill Allison, The AtlanticFri, 05 Dec 2014 14:20:54 -0500 Narodenko/Shutterstock.comTelework Isn’t the Only Thing PTO Needs to Do a Better Job of Monitoring faults patent office for lax supervision of risky contracts.Charles S. ClarkFri, 05 Dec 2014 14:14:28 -0500 / Shutterstock.comWhite House Procurement Chief Issues Steps to Simplify Acquisition encouraged to centralize routine purchasing, share talent.Charles S. ClarkThu, 04 Dec 2014 15:42:45 -0500"There is a critical need for a new paradigm in federal procurement," wrote OFPP chief Anne Rung. Commerce Department file photoFederal Hourly-Rate Contract Workers Ask Obama for a Bigger Pay Raise lawmakers endorse rally portraying government as largest poverty-wage employer.Charles S. ClarkThu, 04 Dec 2014 13:31:34 -0500"Enough is enough! Millions of workers who are trying to put bread on the table and working 40 hours a week should not be living in poverty," said Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.Flickr user FitzGibbon MediaDefense Acquisition Reformers Propose Streamlining Authority, Empowering the Workforce Association weighs in as Armed Services panels change leaders.Charles S. ClarkTue, 02 Dec 2014 15:30:33 -0500 Department file photoPentagon Blasted for Stalled Tracking of Services Contractors builds on watchdog’s report to accuse personnel office of breaching laws.Charles S. ClarkMon, 01 Dec 2014 17:11:44 -0500 / Shutterstock.comPentagon May Be Forced to Release Aircraft Manufacturer's Contract Data business advocacy group wins FOIA case.Charles S. ClarkMon, 01 Dec 2014 16:45:33 -0500 Sikorsky helicopter lands at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Kathy Reesey/U.S. Marine Corps