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Obama’s Management Goals Focus on Federal Employee Engagement

Other priorities include IT, strategic sourcing and evidence-based performance metrics.

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The Highly Educated Federal Workforce in Two Charts

Federal agencies are hiring more employees with professional degrees.

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Obama Would Increase Federal Workforce by 14,000 in 2015

White House notes federal employee compensation hasn’t kept pace with rising education levels or the private sector.

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Retirement Claims Backlog Continues to Grow

OPM creates a less ambitious timetable to process outstanding retirement claims.

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Defense Unveils Options to Overhaul Military Retirement System

Possible proposals include providing lump-sum payments to personnel that would likely reduce overall compensation.

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Agencies Detail How Sequestration Disrupted Government in 2013

All the adverse effects of the mandatory budget cuts may not be known for years, according to GAO.

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Lawmaker Says Federal Government Should Hire More Employees Without College Degrees

Senator pitches pilot program to hire individuals with ‘alternative’ forms of higher education.

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What the Fed-Friendly Budget Means for IT

Should a tech GS-9 be paid the same as a nontech GS-9?

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Feds Petition for More Pay; Some Could Get It

Senior-level managers, scientific employees and EPA workers could be coming into more money soon.

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