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Obama Tells Troops They Won’t Miss a Paycheck

Veto threats, political rhetoric, and government shutdown talk have ratcheted up fear over whether troops will get paid on time.

Retirement Backlog Drops, But It’s Still Higher Than Expected

There are nearly 3,000 more claims in the queue than the agency hoped to have at the end of June.

Timeline: Government Data Breaches

Since April 2013, six hacks targeted OPM and its contractors.

Female Navy officers attend a meeting in April in San Diego.

The Navy is Tripling Its Paid Maternity Leave

The service is going to grant the most generous maternity leave policy of any of the armed forces.

A Rude Annuity Shock

When a survivor benefit turns out to be much smaller than expected.

Federal law enforcement officers, such as these CBP agents supporting the search for prison escapees in New York in June, will soon be able to access retirement funds early without penalty.

Obama Allows Some Feds to Tap Retirement Money Early Without Penalty

President signs bipartisan law that lets federal cops and firefighters access TSP funds without tax fee when they are eligible to retire.

Overtime Will Get a Break

Obama announced a regulation to more than double the threshold for overtime pay. Will this help the American middle class?

June Was Not a Good Month for the TSP

Every fund but one was in the red last month.