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Many Questions Remain About the Services That Will Be Provided to Hack Victims

White House doesn't rule out lifetime credit monitoring for feds.

Katherine Archuleta Steps Down From OPM

Hill support eroded after announcement of data breach.

OPM Director Katherine Archuleta

OPM Doesn't Know Who It Will Hire to Protect the 21.5 Million Individuals Affected by Hack

The agency said it would notify 21.5 million people and offer at least three years of free identity-protection services, but has not found a contractor that will do so on its behalf.

Phased retirement would allow eligible feds to work 20 hours per week, receiving half their pay as well as half their retirement annuity.

Where's Phased Retirement?

Agencies have largely ignored the three-year-old tool that is supposed to help them better manage their workforce needs.

Don’t Rush to Withdraw Your Retirement Savings

Certain federal employees who retire early can now access their TSP funds without a tax penalty. But should they?

Obama Tells Troops They Won’t Miss a Paycheck

Veto threats, political rhetoric, and government shutdown talk have ratcheted up fear over whether troops will get paid on time.

Retirement Backlog Drops, But It’s Still Higher Than Expected

There are nearly 3,000 more claims in the queue than the agency hoped to have at the end of June.

Timeline: Government Data Breaches

Since April 2013, six hacks targeted OPM and its contractors.