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The Dismissed EPA Advisers Had Nothing to Do With Regulation

"It’s a very apolitical board—we never discussed politics."

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney has instructed agencies to reduce their workforces.

How Unions Hope to Protect Their Members Amid Upcoming Agency Reforms

Employee advocates urge management to consult with them early on in the reorganization process, but there is no legal obligation to do so.

Federal Court Upholds Ruling That Working Capital Fund Employees Can Be Furloughed

Agencies have "broad discretion to take actions to control spending," appeals judges say.

Lawmakers Renew Effort to Give TSA Screeners Civil Service Protections

Transportation security officers were exempt from Title 5 protections at establishment of agency.

Life Changes and Benefits Changes

How to navigate the process of assessing your benefits options when life intervenes.

Transparency Groups Protest White House Lack of Reporting on Staff Pay

Letter to Congress comes as ethics office presses Trump team for waiver count.

Trump: Country Needs 'a Good Shutdown' in September

White House officials have repeatedly said a shutdown is never a desired outcome.