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Feds’ Long Term Care Insurance Premiums Will Rise Sharply in 2016

OPM is working to allow more policy customization to offset costs.

Retirement Backlog Still High Despite Slight Progress

OPM managed to process nearly 10,000 applications in March, but the backlog still stands at more than 19,000 claims.

Secretary Bob McDonald sent draft legislation to Capitol Hill.

Senior VA Health Executives Could Earn More Money Under Department Proposal

The draft legislation would also make it easier to punish top career officials.

TSP Rebounds in March

All of the funds end the month in the black, with one gaining more than 8 percent.

Are Your Retirement Dreams Realistic?

The world is going to change a lot in the next several decades.

Mandatory Coverage of Autism Treatment Could Affect FEHBP Premiums

Insurance carriers have to submit their 2017 benefit and rate proposals to OPM by May 31.

How a Deadlocked Supreme Court Provided a Major Boost to Federal Employee Unions

A decision this week was a win for state and local government unions, but helps feds too.

A Divided Supreme Court Hands Public-Sector Unions a Win

The justices split 4-4 in Friedrichs v. CTA, leaving a pro-union ruling in the lower courts intact.

How Poor Pay and Bad Planning Has Led to Diminished Medical Care for Federal Prisoners

The Bureau of Prisons is wasting money by maintaining significant medical staffing shortfalls.