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Employees Can Start Applying For Phased Retirement Thursday – In Theory

Despite the benefit's popularity among eligible feds, most agencies probably aren’t ready to offer it yet.

TSP Funds Rebound in October

Most offerings return to the black.

Did a SEAL Team Six Member Violate the Espionage Act?

At the top, federal employees leak with impunity. At the bottom, they're at the mercy of an opaque apparatus that masquerades as justice.

Troops, Defense Employees Will Have Less Money for Extended Travel Starting Nov. 1

Opponents of a new policy designed to cut costs had hoped the Pentagon would delay its implementation, pending further debate.

More than 25,000 Feds Will Have to Switch Health Plans in 2015

Five plans are dropping out of FEHBP, while four new plans are coming in.

Trick or Treat

Of pay raises, COLAs and other spooky subjects.

The Five Agencies Where Morale is Dropping the Most

The federal workforce isn't particularly happy overall, but these agencies have seen the biggest declines.

Pay Raise for Troops Still Up in the Air

Congress has to decide before the end of the year whether it will grant a 1 percent or a 1.8 percent boost in 2015.