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Republican Lawmakers Want to Cut 115,000 Civilian Defense Jobs

Bill would save $82.5 billion over five years, supporters say.

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Pentagon Pegs Cost of New Electronic Health Record at $1.5 Billion

Defense also plans new medical information exchange to share data with VA.

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Congress Wants to Shield Veterans From Another Government Shutdown

Lawmakers push for advance funding for VA.

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Retirement Quiz: The Basics

Test your knowledge of some of the bedrock principles of retirement planning.

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USPS Should Keep Funding Future Health Care Costs, Republicans Say

Postal Service again asks for congressional assistance in reducing its unfunded obligations.

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VA Is Competing for the Pentagon’s Electronic Health Record Contract

Shinseki will go up against commercial bidders.

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Science and Tech Students Cite Mild Interest in Federal Careers

The bad news: Federal salaries can’t live up to their expectations.

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What Happens After Sexting and Luxury Travel at VA? Paid Leave

VA takes action against IG report subject, if you call paid leave action.

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Are Veterans Getting the Money They Deserve in Latest Budget?

Lawmakers are skeptical that the growing needs of veterans can be met with the amount requested.

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Some Lawmakers Are Feeling More Generous Toward Feds

Bigger COLAs for federal retirees, better care for vets among recent legislative proposals.

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