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Travel Math

Rules for getting compensatory time off for travel are fussy and complex.

Employee share of health insurance premiums to climb 10 percent

OPM says government oversubsidized premiums in 2005.

Proposed bill could bring retirement equity to law officers

Officers not recognized by law receive less pay and postpone retirements.

GSA raises mileage reimbursement rate by 8 cents per mile

Federal employees will be reimbursed 48.5 cents per mile for official government travel in personal vehicles.

Life and Death Planning

Employees should get paperwork and information ready so survivors can claim their benefits when they die.

Reaping REITs' Rewards

Beyond the political disagreement, how would a REIT option affect TSP portfolios?

Agencies urged to be flexible with employees who join relief efforts

Personnel flexibilities available to reward employees who pitch in during times of crisis.

Bush endorses 2.1 percent pay raise

Congress likely to override decision by passing legislation mandating a 3.1 percent increase.