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Reining in the FEHBP

Rising costs in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program may be hurting your wallet. Unions, lawmakers and other observers have some ideas for holding ...

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Senator seeks to raise pay cap for new senior executives

Agencies may be able to pay new top-level hires more than the current law allows under legislation Sen. George Voinovich, R-Ohio, plans to introduce later this ...

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Federal pension checks to go up 2.6 percent

Federal retirees in the Civil Service Retirement System will get a 2.6 percent cost-of-living increase in their pension checks in January. The cost-of-living ...

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Pay-banding pros and cons

Why some federal managers and employees don’t like pay-banding—and why some love it.

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Mixed security found at federal buildings in Washington

While federal officials worry about anthrax arriving in the mail, some agencies are neglecting to pay attention to what’s coming through their front doors. A ...

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